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Dark Lunacy is a quartet from Parma, Italy, that plays a
"Dramatic Death Metal", with atmospheres full of pathos.
Their genre is the result of different musical conceptions,
but all of them oriented towards gothic-decadent
atmospheres, always underlined by fast rhythmics and
melodic openings, to give a definite identity to the
content of the music and the words, being always aware to
mix rightly anger and poetry.

The main feature of DL is that they use in support a string
quartet made by very high level musicians and a mixed three More...

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Reviews about Dark Lunacy songs

One hell of a song... | Reviewer: Fozzy V,
    ------ About the song Serenity performed by Dark Lunacy

damn this thing´s got everything!!! a really sweet intro that turns out into a really cool melody along with the guitar and the drums followed by a little "prayer" thay´s accompained by a little violin tone... comes up as a melody and turns more like a violent death metal song! an awesome solo and epic guitar finale! this song´s got also really touching lyrics... like the prayer of a condemned person...

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