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Dark Lunacy Biography

Last updated: 02/13/2013 10:56:23 AM

Dark Lunacy is a quartet from Parma, Italy, that plays a "Dramatic Death Metal", with atmospheres full of pathos. Their genre is the result of different musical conceptions, but all of them oriented towards gothic-decadent atmospheres, always underlined by fast rhythmics and melodic openings, to give a definite identity to the content of the music and the words, being always aware to mix rightly anger and poetry.

The main feature of DL is that they use in support a string quartet made by very high level musicians and a mixed three voices choir made by 20 elements.

Born in 1997, only as a project by Mike (lead vocals) and Enomys (guitars), during these years it has progressively grown, exploiting old projects left in the drawer for a long time and developing much further than the initial expectations.

In this way, after having auto-produced a mini-cd called "Silent Storm" in 1998 and having received a very good response from the public, with the definitive arrival of Baijkal (drums) and Harpad (bass), this project has become a real band.

In the Spring of 1999, DL have produced another mini-cd, called "Serenity" made of 4 pieces, in which a real string quartet defines what will be the sound of the band.

In 2000, the band signed a contract with label "Self", with whom they made their first official CD called "Devoid", the album came out for "Fuel Records" in November 2000.

With the active support from "SPIN-GO!", DL appeared in the two months after the release on all the national specialized magazines, with interviews and very good reviews.

Thanks to the two singles: "Dolls" and "Forlorn", DL entered in the play list of many radios and night clubs specialized in Heavy Metal music.

In February 2001, the contract with METALBLADE arrives, the CD "Devoid" will be republished and distributed in all Europe. In March "Devoid" has been licensed to Japan, China and South-East Asia, Mexico and all South America.

The 11 pieces of this last work, represent definitely what DL want to transmit: a desperate scream that dies in the arms of hope.

In March, the band starts the ‘Devoid Italian Tour 2001’, and in May, the first video ‘DOLLS’ has been filmed on MTV.

In December 2001, Harpad left the band for personal great misfortunes, so Hymer remplaced him. With the new line-up, Mike – vocal, Enomys – guitars, Hymer – bass and Baijkal – drums, produced a 3-tracks cd promo.