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The group's original lineup consisted of Insane Clown Posse (Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope), Twiztid (Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child). The four members recorded the single "Echoside", (which also appeared on Insane Clown Posse's Amazing Jeckel Brothers album). In early 1999, they recorded "I Don't Care", but did not release it until 2001.

During ICP's Bizaar/Bizzar tour in 2000, underground rapper Marz became good friends with Violent J, and was asked to join the Dark Lotus.

The six artists went to work and recorded the group's first full-length, Tales from the Lotus Pod. The album was released at the 2001 Gathering of the Juggalos, where they also gave their first performance. After the Gathering, Marz left the group.

ICP, Twiztid, and Blaze then set out on the Hatchet Rizing Tour, where they all did their own sets and then, to close the show, came out as Dark Lotus. Around Halloween, a special Hallowicked comic was put out about Dark Lotus, giving them supernatural powers.

On Twiztid's 2001's Cryptic Collection Vol. 2, "Drunken Ninja Master"—with Anybody Killa—was credited as a Dark Lotus song. The following year, Tales from the Lotus Pod was re-released in a new version with Marz's vocals removed—replaced in most instances with new vocals by ABK.

In April 2004, the group released their next album, Black Rain, followed by a tour. In 2006, Blender ranked the album's title track #6 on their "Most Gruesome Lyrics... Ever!" list.

On February 4, 2006, it was announced that ABK had left Psychopathic Records and Dark Lotus.

At the 2006 Gathering of the Juggalos, both ICP and Twiztid claimed they would not replace ABK. During Lotus' performance at the event, ABK and Marz' verses were skipped over. The next day at Twiztid's seminar, Monoxide claimed that Lotus was done and that no more CDs would be recorded, but they would continue to perform. Later that year, however, Violent J stated in an interview that Dark Lotus would record again. It was recently announced that a new Dark Lotus album is in progress.

In the recently released album Psychopathics from Outer Space 3, they performed the song "Further Away". There is also a page in the booklet that states 2008 is the "year of the Lotus", in reference to the new album being produced by Dark Lotus.

On the Jan. 10th 2007 episode of The Main Event, Violent J said that they have been working harder then ever on the new Lotus album, and working on it has given all of Psychopathic so much happiness.

In the January edition of "Weekly Freekly Weekly" the title and release date were officially announced. The album will be called "The Opaque Brotherhood" and it is due out on April 15, 2008.

On April 8th, 2008, Shaggy 2 Dope told the Juggalos on WFuckOff Radio that despite popluar rumors, Anybody Killa would not be on the The Opaque Brotherhood or the tour.

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New Blood | Reviewer: Labyrinth | 8/15/11

Yo this is Labyrinth bout to be signed to Psycopathic records don't hate on Marz he helped out when Dark Lotus was first startin out with Madrox Monoxide Shaggy and Jay Dark Lotus makin a comeback I'll post my EP in a couple months i'd like to thank madrox n monoxide for seein my lyrical skill.Comin strait out the dark and right into sight represent juggalo family till I burn in echo side,I'll be twistin up bud while i'm swingin my axe,It's bout to rain blood cause the lotus pod is back,and we ain't never gonna stop and never reachin to hit the top cause we underground for life and aint never gonna die(Lyrics Copyrighted by Pscypathic Records album drop 12/9/2011)Represent for all the juggalos and juggalettes.Juggalo family clown love ya'll and for those a yall who already know me thanks for your support couldn't a done it without all the juggalos who helped me along the way and helped me reach my dream of gettin with pscypathic records

A Juggalette | Reviewer: Heidi | 1/18/11

I am a Juggalette, have been for a long time. I started out with the Insane Clown Posse music and loved it from the start. I started to listen to other bands that included them or were similiar and liked them to! I love ICP, Twizted, ABK, and Dark Lotus! There the Shit! MMFWCL to all you people who support them!!!!

dark lotus | Reviewer: juggaloshorty503 | 5/15/10

Man I remember when basment cuts first came out it was the shit since I heard that album I've bought every cd that icp twizted boondox abk and every other mother fuckin album from the pyschopathic family I am a juggalo and I love the fam and music whoop whoop much clown luv to my los an lettes

The lotus | Reviewer: The Juggalo | 3/23/10

Dark lotus is one of my favoriote bands. i first started listning to insane clown possie first and have loved it ever sence. i am a wickid clown and will always love my juggalo family. i cannot wait for the gathering and if anyone reading this has a proublem with my words then eat shit and die!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoo whoo!!!

Pod of darkness | Reviewer: Eric | 1/31/10

Lotus is the shit. No doubt! I'm not feeling marz but abk is fuckin tight and always has been. WHOOP WHOOP to my native juggalo homie. DL should continue but Any body killa should get back on that shit no doubt. opaque brotherhood was tight shit so dont hate.

HELLA FRESH | Reviewer: Carni King | 6/5/09

this shit.. readin it.. plus the song Bella Morte playin as i read.. it gave me chills.. i just hope lotus will be recording more.. it would be a shame if they only released 3 albums. and then no more.. they should release atleast 6. maybe 7 because of the joker cards, and the finale The Tempest. =]]. i love icp, twiztid, abk, and dark lotus.. its what keeps me alive. =]]

anyways. 2 thumbs up. and i hope to see more.

Dark fuckin lotuss | Reviewer: trippz | 5/23/08

i love dark lotus so so much and cant wait until the opaque brotherhood tour comes. i love there first 2 cds and the third dark lotus is so fresh!! whoever doesnt like this wickid sh!t has yet to find out.peace keep that wickid shit 4 life

pimp shit | Reviewer: shin-shin | 10/23/07

black rain is so much better then tales from the lotus pod. black rain was my first dark lotus album and it was so fresh it was like someone just sucked the smoke from my lungs. it is the shit and abk deserves the sixth spot so much more then marz. it just wouldnt be the same with out him.

Psychopathic Records | Reviewer: Assassin | 7/12/07

Wow. You swore just a bit too much in that biography. Other than the cursing, it was good. I think Anybody Killa left Dark Lotus and I don't think that's in there.

DARK LOTUS!!! | Reviewer: Jinx the Wikid Lette | 6/20/07

ok i've been a juggalette since i was 8... almost 8 years... i first listened to icp not insane clown posse i mean Inner City Posse on october 25 i know cause it was my bday... i liked them then listened to insane clown posse... i love both of them... i listened to dark lotus when there was marz... unfortunatly i have NO cds from psychopathic records cause they were stolen... not by a juggalo... but by a juggahoe... i love them and i love that at least ABK is there...its still wicked shit and always will be... MMFWCL TO YOU ALL!!!

-Jinx the Wikid Lette

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