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Is when it all began when the mighty Lord Ahriman and
Blackmoon (David Parland) founded the war machine we now
know as DARK FUNERAL. They are later joined by Draugen and

The legendary, self-titled and self-financed mini-cd is
recorded at Dan Swanö´s Uni-Sound studio in January and is
released on May 4th to an unsuspecting world and on that
very same day, the band would have performed their very
first gig at Luse Lottes Pub in Oslo NORWAY. After the
recording sessions, Draugen (drums) leaves the band and is More...

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Sex, Blood and Satanism | Reviewer: Ammîkhôkast
    ------ About the song Atrum Regina performed by Dark Funeral

The song is a dark twisted love song that is enchanted with evil intentions. He speaks of his beloved goddess/concubine in what he is saying is that he loves her without saying it. Awesome portrayal of love in the darker sense

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