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Dark Fortress Biography

Last updated: 04/17/2008

Formed in 1994, the German black metal outfit DARK FORTRESS have established themselves in the top ranks of the genre with intense live shows and fascinating, pitch black full-length masterpieces that meet the standard created mostly in northern Europe’s prolific scenes with ease. After the release of the Century Media debut “Séance” in 2006 the band played festivals such as With Full Force, shows with Satyricon and the first shows with Celtic Frost after their many years of hibernation. V.Santura and the legendary Celtic Frost got along so well that he joined them as a live guitarist later for their extensive touring. Things were just picking up speed with the recording of the album at the band’s own At The Crypt studio when DARK FORTRESS had to announce the departure of vocalist Azathoth due to personal reasons in May 2007. Three months later the band decided to go with an old aquaintance of theirs: Morean, a freelance composer and guitarist of the progressive death/thrashers Noneuclid. Already having spent time with V Santura and Seraph for several years in Noneuclid, he also appeared on “Séance” as the composer of the piece “Incide” and the arranger of the string section used in the song “While They Sleep”.

The decision was based on his immense musical and vocal abilities and his dedication to extreme and dark music. The multi-talented Morean was also responsible for the lyrical concept of “Eidolon”. In its nine chapters the album describes the initiation, dehumanization and unearthly rebirth of a transcending soul by mirror magic and astral projection. An “Eidolon” is a Greek concept of an astral double of a living being or a “mirror”. The concept describes a magic mirror ritual as while a person is in a trance, the surface of the mirror is used as a gate to enter a new dimension. Three songs each form the album’s three chapters: “The Silver Gate”, “Cohorror” and “Baphomet” (featuring guest vocals by Tom Gabriel Fischer from Celtic Frost) are describing the calling of beings from the aforementioned dimension. “The Unflesh”, “Analepsy” and “Edge Of Night” are the initiation when the soul is taking its astral journey, being dehumanized and finally detached from its earthly existence. “No Longer Human”, “Catacrusis” and “Antiversum” represent the rebirth on the other side of the mirror. The only thing remaining on the earthly side is its eerie reflection on our side of the mirror.