Dark Angel Albums

  • Time Does Not Heal Album (3/15/1991)
    Time Does Not Heal
    Pain's Invention, Madness
    Act Of Contrition
    The New Priesthood
    An Ancient Inherited Shame
    Trauma And Catharsis
    Sensory Deprivation
    A Subtle Induction

  • Leave Scars Album (3/15/1990)
    The Death Of Innocence
    Never To Rise Again
    No One Answers
    Immigrant Song
    Older Than Time Itself
    The Promise Of Agony
    Leave Scars

  • Darkness Descends Album (3/15/1986)
    Darkness Descends
    The Burning Of Sodom
    Hunger Of The Undead
    Merciless Death
    Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)
    Black Prophecies
    Perish In Flames

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