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Dargaard was founded by Tharen (Abigor, Amestigon,
Heidenreich, dominion) in 1997. The band was his
opportunity to step away from his usual genre(Black Metal)
and experiment with a different approach to express
attitudes and feelings.

With Elisabeth Toriser (Abigor, Antichrisis, Dominion), who
took over the vocal responsibilties in 1998, Dargaard was
able to successfully complete the recording of theire debut
Cd,"Eternity Rites", released by Napalm Records under the
Draenor Productions banner in October 1998.

August the following More...

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Reviews about Dargaard songs

My favorite Dargaard song | Reviewer: Artha
    ------ About the song Dark Horizons performed by Dargaard

I LOVE that song! I simply can NOT get enough of it.. if only I knew what the lyrics meant!
I simply can NOT get enough of this song.. been listening to it for days, downloaded it to my laptop...
I love how it starts so beautiful, but ends out in that intense epic section.
Makes me smile every single time.

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