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One of the most acclaimed and evocative artists of her
generation, Dar Williams crafts tunes that resonate with
passion and integrity. On her new Razor & Tie CD, The Green
World?her fourth solo outing and first since 1997?the
singer/songwriter pushes her art to the next level with a
collection of songs that are personal, dynamic, and

From reflecting on the mysteries of the natural world to
reminding herself of the importance of maintaining a
playful attitude in the midst of tumultuous times,
Williams? The Green World More...

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Review about Dar Williams songs
Spectacular | Reviewer: Meggie
    ------ About the song After All performed by Dar Williams

I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. This means that my moods can be kind of crazy sometimes with me sinking low then going up. Some days it just hurts and I just cry because I don't know how to handle it and I just feel so alone. My brother-in-law posted this song and I gave it a listen and I just cried. It is so beautiful and it made me feel like I wasn't alone. It made me feel like I could control this. Thank you is all I have to say. :)

Self care | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song After All performed by Dar Williams

I just wanted to write that I had gone to a conference witch entailed a lot of self work and a lot of thinking and talking about hard issues. One evening there was a workshop about self care, something I never took the time for but I went to the workshop and there was a music therapist who played this song through and just had us analyze the lyrics for a wile. This has now become my go to reflection song, its beautiful and amazing and I think can take on a meaning to who ever listens to it and even different meanings as ones life changes. Amazing amazing song

when i was a boy | Reviewer: jeafur
    ------ About the song When I Was a Boy performed by Dar Williams

i was very much a boy growing up but my mom tried shaping those characteristics out of me. she told me less basket ball shorts and more skirts. little by little she would throw out my shorts and swap them out. now im 15 and still very much see parts of myself as my young boyish self. beautiful song, i can really relate to it.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Jenn
    ------ About the song After All performed by Dar Williams

I heard this song once while shopping and I had to crouch down behind the clothing racks and sob. It was like my life was being played on the radio. Anyways I forgot the title and who sang it, and searched for the last 4 years almost daily but had no luck. I just went through huge life changes good and bad. I needed to find this song again and when I did so tonight and it broke my heart and healed the pain all at once.
Poignant perfect and perhaps one of best songs about real life ever written.

The new Paul Simon& Emily Dickinson | Reviewer: Dave Seaman
    ------ About the song You're Aging Well performed by Dar Williams

This is not, by definition, an anthem, but it's brillance, honesty and universal message stands with thethe best commentary music ever written. "That's TheThe Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" showed us how far human rights have come for women in the early 70's.

"You're aging well" is a quest song; she searches; finds; fights but with peace. (And all I could eat was that poisoniou apple and that's not a story I was meant to survive.) Williams was a theoology student in college. This lineis and the entire theme shows resiliance. "You're Aging Well"is important literally and figurative as well and the melody suddenly soars and comes to rest on a satisfied, diatonic G major chord.

Like most of the songs of Dar Williams they empower us, men and women, and her talent is true. One of three sisters her father states she was the least musical, poring her love into reading, philosophy and theatre.

Williams' remarkable head voice is as controlled and gentle as her contralto chest voice. Every song is a theatre piece. And indeed, Dar, Me, You, the women's movement, the human rights movement, why, you're all aging well.

Tolerance vs. Acceptance | Reviewer: Jack
    ------ About the song The Christians and the Pagans performed by Dar Williams

First, the song is spectacularly well-written, clever, and provocative...in a very good way. It was the song that instantly made me a DarHead 17 years ago.

The best end case scenario in this religious debate fueled by the song will be when all beliefs can come together amicably "at the table". Unfortunately, I've always had a bit of discomfort with the mantra of "tolerance" that's thrown around so readily. Though the use of the word tolerent is by definition correct, moving from tolerance to acceptance, and tearing down the walls that still are present frequently in a tolerant environment, will be a time to truly celebrate.

Family Dinners | Reviewer: VPowell
    ------ About the song The Christians and the Pagans performed by Dar Williams

My brothers and I were raised Catholic by my parents, who come from long lines of Catholic believers. My oldest brother is a Wiccan and I'm a Druid. Christmas is quite the interesting event every year, what with my mother pretending we're Catholic, my brother's girlfriend juggling houses because her family's Catholic and she's a Wiccan, my older brother making bush worshiping comments, my father saying he's going to start worshiping Thor so he can sacrifice a goat, and my brother and I discussing what we've learned this year. Take into account I'm a vegetarian, the males all love meat, my mother doesn't care for animal flesh, and my brother's girlfriend dietary restrictions because of surgery... Dinner is a fascinating chaos from food to discussions that fall way into the inappropriate topics, keeping the cats off the table, and making sure the dogs don't fight.

Yet, in the end, all that matters is we're all together. At the end of the day we sit around the table, talk about what we've done over the year, the funny stories, our miseries, and what we hope happens in the future. The one thing we can all agree on, however, is that the desserts are always well made, and the children have to clean up the dishes.

This song made me cry a little, because this is almost exactly what my family is like and I miss them a lot.

Right Here | Reviewer: Janet
    ------ About the song You're Aging Well performed by Dar Williams

The lyrics remind us over and over that where we need to be is Right Here, living authentically. That means feeling what we feel, thinking what we think and moving on. The past is the past. We are Aging Well.........

Does weary mean wiser? | Reviewer: Lilli
    ------ About the song Traveling Again performed by Dar Williams

Oh, but I am at this crossroads once more, when you wonder if you are leaving for a real reason, or just because leaving is the only thing left to do. It's a very familiar song for me....

Witches | Reviewer: Charles
    ------ About the song The Christians and the Pagans performed by Dar Williams

The one person I know who is indeed a Pagan Witch is one of the very giving, wise, tolerant, thoughtful, knowledgable, loving family oriented and spiritual people I am blessed to know. Some of the comments here suggest unfamiliarity with good contemporary witches. At this time I think of witches as including people deeply immersed in a complex religion I do not fully understand, not at all evil in spirit.

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