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Danse Macabre Biography

Last updated: 07/20/2004 09:57:19 PM

LINE UP Gunther Theys (vocals) / Jan Yrlund (guitar / programming) / Miloš Maricevic (bass) / Merijn Mol (drums)

Electronic Gothic Metal band DANSE MACABRE was the result of a like minded trans-European union of Gunther Theys of premier Belgian band ANCIENT RITES and Greek musicians Sotiris of SEPTIC FLESH and George Zaharopoulos, the latter a member of NECROMANTIA and erstwhile ROTTING CHRIST member. This triumvirate recorded two tracks for an intended EP release but the label that was due to handle the product went under.

Although DANSE MACABRE seemed doomed from the start by 1997 Theys had built up a new version of the band enlisting Finnish guitarist Jan 'Örkki' Yrlund, a veteran campaigner citing credits with ANCIENT RITES, LACRIMOSA, TWO WITCHES, PRESTIGE and SINMASTERS, and former ANCIENT RITES colleague Raf Corten. This unit, together with the session vocals of Antoinette of MALOCHIA, recorded the 'Totentanz' album, released by the Dutch Mascot label. The initial two shelved EP tracks would be added as bonus tracks.

The band line up would flux as a suitable membership was found in order to perform live. In keeping with the cosmopolitan flavour of the endeavour Theys retained Yrlund and drafted Dutchman Merijn Mol on drums a Yugoslavian, Miloš Maricevic, on the bass and an Israeli keyboard player Arik Politi. Antoinette would also perform live with the band.

During 2000 DANSE MACABRE signed to the Hammerheart label for the 'Eva' album. Antoinette would once again contribute female vocals alongside the complimentary tones of Ciara. Oliver Philipps of EVERON donated his skills on the piano.

DANSE MACABRE keyboard player Davy Wouters would join Black Metal act ANCIENT RITES during October 2001. The April 2002 'Matters Of The Heart' EP would come complete with a video, shot in Finland, for the track 'Danse Macabre'. Featured as sessioneers in the footage would be Liina from TWO WITCHES on vocals and piano as well as Jani Koskela from LET ME DREAM on keyboards.

During 2004 ex-member Rosita Reitsma would join MJÖLNIR for two important festivals that Spring, the 'Joppop' event in Oosterwolde and the 'Gothtronic' festival in Drachten.