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Patty Larkin Danny Lyrics

Last updated: 08/23/2012 09:07:03 AM

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by Patty Larkin
Danny flew his stars and stripes
Had a wife and a baby
Bounced him on his knee each night
Till he took off with the navy

Jesus was a sailor, boys
Sailed on Galilee
If he went to work today
He'd have to sail the seven seas

Danny took his fishing boat
A hundred miles away
To the waters no one owns
To the land of wind and wave

All along the seacoast towns
Along the narrowland
They heard a storm was coming down
Two parts water one part sand

The wind it drove the sea so wild
It opened like a jaw
Came down in a salty smile
And it ate up all it saw

Fifteen feet the ocean rose
Fifteen feet it fell
When that boat began to fall
Must have seemed like hell

Danny flew his stars and stripes
Had a wife and a baby
Saw them in the sea that night
When he went down with the navy

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