Dannii Minogue Albums

  • Unleashed Album (1/15/2008)
    All I Wanna Do (Innocent Girl Mix)
    Blame It On The Music
    Spend Your Love On Me
    Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling (Jewels & Stone 7" Mix)
    Going Going Gone
    Everything I Wanted (Metro 7" Mix)
    No Romeo
    Hide And Seek
    Hurt In Love
    Who Do You Love Now? (Riva's Bora Bora Edit)
    Put The Needle On It (Cicada Vocal Mix Edit)
    Come And Get It (Alternative Radio Edit)
    Begin To Spin Me Round (Radio Edit)
    Love Me Like This
    Bad Weather

  • Club Disco Album (11/5/2007)
    Touch Me Like That
    Feel Like I Do
    You Won't Forget About Me
    Love Fight
    I'm Sorry
    So Under Pressure
    Good Times
    He's The Greatest Dancer
    I Can't Sleep At Night
    I Will Come To You
    I've Been Waiting For You

  • Neon Nights Album (3/17/2003)
    Put The Needle On It
    I Begin To Wonder
    Hey! (So What)
    For The Record
    Mighty Fine
    On The Loop
    Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
    Vibe On
    A Piece Of Time
    Who Do You Love Now
    It Won't Work Out

  • Girl Album (9/1/1997)
    All I Wanna Do
    Heaven Can Wait
    So In Love With Yourself
    Am I Dreaming?
    Everybody Changes Underwater
    Everything I Wanted
    If It Moves-Dub It
    It's Amazing
    Movin' Up
    Someone New

  • Get Into You Album (11/1/1993)
  • Love And Kisses Album (3/1/1991)

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    Reviews about Dannii Minogue albums

    Neon Nights - Pure Pop Perfection ! | Reviewer: R.A.A
        ------ About the album Neon Nights performed by Dannii Minogue

    Dannii Minogue is poised to conquer the US with the much-anticipated release of her European chart-topping Neon Nights. Neon Nights has already spawned four top UK singles. Features 15 tracks including the hit singles 'I Begin To Wonder', 'Put The Needle On It' & 'Who Do You Love Now' as well as a bonus video, 'Put The Needle On It', and photo gallery.

    Tracks such , ' creep ', 'on the loop' and 'for the record' will keep you dancing all night long.

    Dannii Grows up on her 2nd effort - and to great effect! Check this out! | Reviewer: Joe
        ------ About the album Get Into You performed by Dannii Minogue

    With the exception of Cheesy Euro-pop hit "This Is It" (which could've belonged to Dannii's debut "Love and Kisses"), the rest of this album is a huge leap forward in terms of maturity and creativity. Dannii often cites Janet Jackson as her inspiration and this shows on "Until We Meet Again", a slick, funky dance-affair with sexy vocals.

    "Love's On Every Corner" was co-written by Cathy Dennis (Of big sis' Kylie's "Can't get you outta my head" fame) and is very "US" sounding with it's streetwise, urban vibe and funky beat. Club diva Juliet Roberts provides the backing vocals.

    On "Get Into You" there are many down-tempo tracks, a type of track not associated with Dannii publicly, since all of Dannii's singles have been dancey. "I Dream" shows off her beautiful voice and is one of the highs of the album, with it's dreamy feel. Also featured is a rather interesting cover of The Jackson's "Show You The Way To Go".

    Hit single "This Is The Way" is the typical Minogue dance/pop tune, but is somewhat more credible to Dannii's earlier efforts such as "Jump To The Beat" and This Is It". It has big housey beats and soaring pianos and a catchy chorus. However, in contrast, "Lucky Tonight" and "Kiss And Make Up" both sound very sexy and "Black" and doesn't sound like Dannii at all. But they still work well.

    And finally, the title track is a rock outing with a poppy feel. All in all, a great album - go buy it NOW!

    Dannii - ditch the "Minogue" - offers a fresh, funky new sound. And a hot look to match! | Reviewer: Joe
        ------ About the album Girl performed by Dannii Minogue

    This was the era in Dannii's career that she turned to being a credible dance artist. Signed to trendy label, Eternal, she released "Girl" with 3 hit singles, "All I Wanna Do", "Everything I Wanted" and "Disremebrance", all of which were huge club smashes.

    The album is very trancy in feel and has something for everyone. The pop/trance of top 5 hit "All I wanna Do" is very catchy and a great opener and goes into drum 'n bass styled "Heaven Can Wait". "Everybody Changes Underwater" is very ambient and sultry, with whispered, seductive vocals.

    Other highlights include the fantastically exuberant and uplifting club hit "Disremembrance", and the uptempo,house ditty "Movin' up", with it's happy, feel-good vibe. Dannii also succeeds in an emotional ballad,"It's Amazing".

    This album is one of Dannii's best to date, and if you liked her recent hit album "Neon Nights", chances are you will like "Girl" too.

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