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For starters, why don't you ask your girlfriend. Or your
sister. Or yo' mama. Or yo' mama's sister's girlfriend. Or
better yet, why don't you ask the New Bomb Turks or the
Make-Up or Blonde Redhead or Nashville Pussy or the Jon
Spencer Blues Explosion or the Hellacopters or the
International Noise Conspiracy or Beck - disparate souls
who've all been united by one thing: the fear of knowing
that they'd have to follow Danko Jones onstage, after he's
turned their audiences into his slaves.
Since 1996, Toronto-born devil child Danko More...

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Reviews about Danko Jones songs

Amazing sog | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Baby Hates Me performed by Danko Jones

Saw the video on MTV and could not get it out of my head. Went down to my local music-pusher and bought the album... I love it!!!

great song! | Reviewer: EagleEye177
    ------ About the song Home to Hell performed by Danko Jones

this is a fast pace song that is good with just about anything. love it.

Danko Jones Rocks<3 | Reviewer: Tracieee
    ------ About the song Lovercall performed by Danko Jones

OMG!! my boyfriend..bought us tickets for Nickelback...and Danko Jones was one of the bands who opened for them. I enjoyed Danko Jones, just as much as i did Nickelback.
The first song i heard was "I want you" and thought it was awesome..then i started listening to more songs...but i definatly fell in love with this one!! <33

important lyrics for anyone who's suffering emotional destruction | Reviewer: NBAngelfire
    ------ About the song Heartbreak's a Blessing performed by Danko Jones

I heard this song on a telethon when I was in milwaukee visiting my family, and I've gotta say, after having learned wayyyyy too many life lessons in the past year, looking back on things at this point, these lyrics wowed me immediately, and I had to pull over to write down the chorus. Congrats on the good song! group website? ever make it to the midwest? thanks for any info.
~Nick Angelfire

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