Danko Jones Albums

  • Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue Album (10/9/2012)
    Get Up
    Just A Beautiful Day
    I Don't Care
    You Wear Me Down
    Type Of Girl
    Always Away
    Don't Do This
    The Masochist
    I Believed In God
    In Your Arms

  • B-Sides Album (10/9/2012)
    The Rules
    My Time Is Now
    I Like To Ball
    Never Again
    My Problems (Are Your Problems Now)
    Woogie Boogie
    Sugar High
    Ice Cold Angel
    Choose Me
    Big Bed
    Sold My Soul
    Fucked Up
    First Date
    Pump It Up
    The Return Of Jackie And Judy
    Make A Move
    Drop Your Man
    Thinking Of You
    R.I.P. RFTC
    Peacock Stomp
    Take Me Out On A Stretcher

  • Below The Belt Album (6/21/2011)
    I Think Bad Thoughts
    Active Vulcanoes
    Tonight Is Fine
    Magic Snake
    Had Enough
    (I Can't Handle) Moderation
    Full Of Regret
    The Sore Loser
    Like Dynamite
    Apology Accepted
    I Wanna Break Up With You
    Bonus Tracks
    Guest List Blues
    Rock 'n' Roll Proletariat
    The Kids Don't Want To Rock

  • Never Too Loud Album (9/8/2009)
    Code Of The Road
    City Streets
    Still In High School
    Take Me Home
    Let's Get Undressed
    King Of Magazines
    Forest For The Trees
    Your Tears, My Smile
    Something Better
    Never Too Loud

  • I'm Alive And On Fire Album (5/1/2008)
  • Sleep Is The Enemy Album (5/23/2006)
  • We Sweat Blood Album (10/21/2003)
  • Born a Lion Album (6/23/2002)

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