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Daniel Lioneye Biography

Last updated: 05/22/2007

We have provided bellow a list of all the members of the band, clicking the names will give you the most accurate information. All other source's we have looked at have either confused Hiili and Ike as the same person or has not identified Ike, after much research by Matt we can bring you the real details.

Daniel Lioneye
(Mikko Viljami Lindstrom aka Linde, Lilly Lazer)
Vocals, Guitar, Compositions

Bad Mige Amour
(Mikko Henrik Julius Paaninen)
Bass Guitar

Ville Valo
(Ville Hermanni Valo aka Rakohammas)

Hiili Hiilesmaa
(Hiili aka Special K, Dr Skrepper)
Backing Vocals, Gimp and Production