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There are two types of pop star. The first, sadly, is the one we know all to well, the mindless puppets at the beck and call of their corporate masters, their creativity the slave of supply and demand. The second is the rarer breed. Blessed with a singular vision, the courage of their convictions and the power to grab your soul and then hold it with an electric zeal, they understand that pop is not simply a product but the gateway to a better place.

Daniel Bedingfield is the personification of the latter, and what's more he always has been. 'What made me want to write songs? I can't even remember,' he explains. 'It's like breathing, my world has always been music, it's all about having a creative expression.'

It may have taken the world a bit of time to catch up with this pop pioneer, but as the buzz accompanies Bedingfield's debut single Gotta Get Thru This proves, the delay is over. Straightforward yet irresistible, Bedingfield's pure vocals are reminiscent of Michael Jackson, as Gotta Get Thru This blasts along with an urgency that is compelling and also boasts a deep emotional edge. Played by long-term supporter UK Garage supremo EZ, Gotta Get Thru This effortlessly became the undisputed anthem of Ayia Napa this year, while its place on club and radio station playlists the length and breath of the land is already cemented.

With this overwhelming grassroots' reaction, a record company bidding war was inevitable. 'It basically blew up on the streets and then I found myself called straight in to all the MDs offices,' explains Bedingfield. 'It was really exciting. I've been planning for something like this to happen since birth, so it's nice to finally be almost achieving your goals, I'm on the verge of something really exciting.'

Born in New Zealand 21 years ago - 'That gave me my pioneering spirit. I love the otherness, it adds an extra dimension' - Bedingfield grew up in South East London, educated at home by his parents, taking his first musical steps aged nine with sisters Natasha and Nicola in progressive R&B group The DNA Algorithm before graduating on to garage. 'I took a break from the band and thought I'd mess around with garage,' he explains. Since then Bedingfield has not looked back, an exceptional rise considering his cottage industry ethics.

'It's all done in my bedroom,' reveals Bedingfield. 'I made Gotta Get Thru This with one computer and a mike, that's all I had, but if you've got a good idea you shouldn't swamp it. If you turn it up loud in the club this track really punches you hard.'

However don't be deceived by the humble surroundings. Despite his youthful years Bedingfield is determined and has filled that bedroom with some interesting influences. Sting, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson all crop up, as does that of a great songwriter not usually cited by garage practitioners. 'Lyrically Bob Dylan moves your soul,' explains Bedingfield, 'with a few words he can express extraordinary concepts.' However for Bedingfield an influence is not simply about sonic syndication, rather inspiration is drawn on a philosophical level. 'The Chinese have a saying,' Bedingfield begins, 'rather than emulate the masters you should pursue the same goals they pursue. That's what I'm trying to do, find out what they were going for then go for the same things.'

With work on an album about to start and a live band to be assembled, don't expect Bedingfield to be blown off course by cartoon pop distractions for his aim is true.

'I want to do something totally new that will fit straight in the pop bracket but will make a real musical statement as well,' he explains. 'I just want to produce a classic album that's going to be around for years.' No small order, but at least Bedingfield has the convictions and belief to deliver.

'I create music from any kind of extreme emotion, that's where my creativity is done. The music I make has to have a really powerful conviction, I can't sing anything I don't feel strongly about,' he says. 'Music is often the only way you can get your feelings down, I really enjoy doing that. I feel Gotta Get Thru This says exactly what I wanted it to say with a few words and I'd love to do that again.'

For now however, Gotta Get Thru This trumpets the arrival of a new talent and from club credibility to a million teenage walls the possibilities for Daniel Bedingfield appear unlimited.

'It really seems the world is my oyster at the moment,' he confirms. 'I feel tremendously blessed.'

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i love u guy and ur songs with all ma heart | Reviewer: cathy nakirywa | 1/24/13

the first time i heard ,if you are not one i just cried tears of joy because loved the voice and the words in it and when i searched more about you and your songs loved am never gonna leave your side because of the word you used just know i really feel your music follow in my nerves

It's emotional | Reviewer: Oyebode ifedayo | 10/14/11

Your music is emtional and lovely it really touches me when i frist listen to the music in 2003 and till now it still touches me any time i listen to it i just watch the video and i really love it. Hope you will release another lonly music

so happy | Reviewer: Angela Cash | 8/10/11

Bought Daniels Album play his music often am so glad he is making a comeback........ was seriously worried after his accident when he went quiet so did any news of him so a relief to know he is BACK

where are you now? | Reviewer: ebuch1983 | 2/19/11

Loved your music, your first album especially - helped me through some really hard times in my life and still does to this day. Haven't heard anything on where you are now, even if you're making music anymore. You've disappeared off the face of the earth. A sad loss to your millions of fans who wait with baited breath hoping you'll make a comeback. :O(

I miss your music and your face daniel | Reviewer: marylou | 12/27/10

Daniel,your music is fantastic and truely inspirational..I listen to your cds and on occasion click on to youtube so I can see you...I would love to hear/see you perform again..you still have a huge following despite your abscence..
I've been worried about you since the crash and pray that you are ok and that you are happy in whatever you do... : )

Does he still live? | Reviewer: david | 4/22/10

It's like he vanished from the earth, the latest updates of D.B. I could find are from 2006.. That's freaking 4 years mate.. I hope he's ok.. since I heard his voice and bought his albums I love him.. like a brother or friend ofcourse. haha.. does anyone know if he's still alive?


GREAT VOICE! | Reviewer: Nwagwu Onyekachi. | 8/5/09

At times i wonder where u got those fantastic vocals of yours from. If it were possible i would like you to keep some voice coaching lessons on your website for upcoming stars like to work on. Love 2 hear more of your works. I really admire your voice. It is one in a million THANK YOU REMAIN BLESSED AND VALID,

Go daniel go! | Reviewer: Malaysianfan | 3/19/09

i love your songs. i've heard 'if ur not the one' few times back in 2003 but never had the chance the to watch the video clip until now. i wish u could write and sing more beautiful songs like that. the lyrics are just so beautiful. i usually stop doing anything i'm doing just too listen to that song. u describe feelings of love in a beautiful way. i'm in love with u daniel......

Love u Daniel | Reviewer: Sarah Mac | 1/21/08

I just love this song i would say that i've never heard such a beautiful song before i really love u daniel for this song .All the best for ur future

Love U so Much

Expressions | Reviewer: Akon | 1/9/08

I sent the song"if u r not the 1" to my girlfriend as a present and she says she felt that am singing it for her...we love daniel for his loving way to enter hearts by his unique way of expression

Awesome Daniel | Reviewer: Julianne | 12/10/07

I first heard Daniel's 'if you're not the one' in my car on radio. I fell in love with his voice and unbelievably touching lyrics. He has such an amazing voice i cried the first couple of times i heard his song. He definately has that x factor in his voice. Dude, if you ever see this,i want you to know that you are amazing. The talent that you have is very rare indeed. You sing with a passion and your voice has so much substance. Dont be let down by what people say; they probably wouldnt see talent even if it stared them in the face. I love your music. You are trully awesome.

Whatever happened to Daniel Bedingfield? | Reviewer: Maureen Morgan | 10/11/07

We never hear about Daniel now! Is he still making records? Even this site is 2 or 3 years old. His sister (Natasha) is going great guns in the U.K., but of Daniel we hear nothing. It would be great if someone could update the site. I understand Daniel has been ill for a while, so this may be the cause of his dropping out of the public eye.

Unbeliveably talented-heres one man who rocks | Reviewer: Bedingfields_Girl | 10/28/05

i cant even think of words to exaplin how unbelievable this artist is-both in his music, beliefs and personality-every woman needs to marry a man like the Bedingfield! ( but this ones mine!)His songs and words speak so powerfully and he really knows how to put his emotions across in the best possible way-any bedingfield haters are just trying to hide their jealously! You wouldnt think that it would or could be possible that this talent could be found anywhere else-but shockingly-it is-in his sister Natasha. They are both talented in their different ways but they both have that special Bedingfield something that rocks the music industry to it's very core!

Awesome | Reviewer: Brooque | 6/29/05

When none of my friends even knew about Daniel I was blasting his music. He is absolutely awesome, and I think his sister rocks too!

Wow!!! | Reviewer: New Star | 6/7/05

I think Daniel & Natasha Bedingfield are brilliant.
They show that being a Christian only effects your life for the better. They are fearless and powerful because they have God protecting them. They are a brilliant example to Christians. They are Christians and still live in the real world. They prove that you can be a Christian and go to high places. I look up to them and respect them greatly. They are wonderfully inspiring. You don't have to want to be a pop star to respect them and look up to them. They are so strong even after the crash in Australia. How could you not respect them?

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