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Third Eye Blind Danger Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2004 12:00:00 PM

I met you at the barricade,
It's fever pitch where the crowd had gathered,
You said the bow was breaking,
You want to get some coffee or something then?,
Float by the crowd that scatters,
I found my people and nothing else matters,
Bullhorns feed back in the stormy skies,
No one listens but it's so hot when you try.

'Cuz you've got a taste for danger,
It turns you on,
Just take a look in your face,
I know whats going on,
You like the taste of danger.

Tiptoe through the riots,
Vandals laced and braced for action,
No sense, no consequence,
You're a green stick fracture,
Bounce back at you.

(chorus, slightly different)
'Cuz you've got a taste for danger
bring it on
Just take a look in your face
I know what's going on
You've got a taste for danger

Beggars stare at the brand new sneakers on the, anarchists and celebrity speakers,
These improbable days my friends,
Tomorrow's mundane,
All good things must end,
And the cops told the crowd they must disperse,
Your pretty eyes fall as the tear gas burst,
Here come the horses and we move along,
And I promise I'll see you but the moment is gone,
You're shocked when the spray can splatters,
Deliver us from the chumps and suckers,
You and me killing time in the present tense,
Bound together by someone to fight against.

(Chorus, different again)
'Cuz you've lost your taste for danger
I know it's gone,
Just take a look in your eyes
I know that something's wrong
You've lost your taste for danger

I used to be a dissident citizen