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Dan Fogelberg Dancing Shoes Lyrics

Last updated: 07/14/2010 11:00:00 AM

Dancing shoes
On the wall above your bedside
Saw it all as we performed
our pirouette
Fleshes fused
As the flicker of the candles
Threw upon the wall a
single silhouette.

Tu es dan ma coeur et dans ma tŽte

Dancing shoes
We have loved on distant beaches
Where the winter never reaches
There we fell
Dying swan
On the dawn you danced before me
Though your eyes were dark and stormy
I stood still.

Qui peut dire le faux et le rŽel?

Dancing shoes
Though the distances divide us
There's a paradise inside us
We can't lose.
Me and you
Dance a 'pas de deux'
And I pray you never
Shed your dancing shoes.

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Pure Poetry From A Musical Genius. | Reviewer: Francisco Miranda | 7/14/10

A master piece from the master himself of beautiful melodies and lyrics. I was fortunate to grow up listening to Dan music he also inspired me to want to play guitar...and I do. This one of so many great songs Dan wrote. for those that may not be familar with Dan music please allow me to recommend Albums like "The Innocent Age" with songs like "The Reach" "Sand and the Foam" "Leader of the Band" Rockers like "Lost in the Sun" "Times Like These" to name a few. I miss Dan :-( If any can tell me where I could find Dancing Shoes on Tablature I would appreciate it. Thank you.

the song | Reviewer: shannon | 7/9/07

i thought this song is great i love it my girlfriends dad got me into this artist. he is really good thank-you