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Tamia Dance my dreams Lyrics

Last updated: 03/16/2006 11:00:00 AM

Spinning, twirling, flying away
Memories guide me from yesterday
Time will reveal my destiny
So why should I fight
What's right for me?

Chorus: I'll live, I'll breathe
I'll dance my dreams

Hold me, kiss me
Look through my eyes
Know me, oh feel me
No more disguise
So why should I fight
What's planned for me?


Take my hand
Dance in my world
As I live, I breathe
I dance my dreams
Tomorrow will be mine
Today is ours
I will never let go
Until time unwinds
Today I have just arrived

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Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/2007

Wow - what a beautiful song. Tamia is just wonderful.

I'm searching the net to find a copy of the soundtrack so I can hear it over & over again.

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