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Born Oct. 14th,1946
Dunfermline Scotland
Real name: WilliamMcCafferty
Instruements: Vocals and Bagpipes
Favorite Group: NAZARETH!
Influences: Too many to name
First Group: The Shadettes
Biggest Break: Broken Down Angel
First Important Naz gig: The Marquee Club
Previous Occupation: Engineer
Favorite Naz Album: BOOGALOO

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bad bad boy | Reviewer: Erik Navarrete | 5/20/13

I really love rock songs specially the songs of Nazareth. Dan McCafferty's voice never change even now at his age. There are other rock singers who at their mid 40's cannot hit the high notes they are supposed to sing (that's what their fans are waiting for).Knowing now that his an engineer my admiration for him has leveled up. I pray someday He will composed a song and use his talen for Jesus Christ.

This guy is a real legend | Reviewer: John Karpuchin | 4/4/13

We went and saw Nazareth last year in Duncan BC and these guys sounded fantastic !! Amazing after over 40 years of performing these guys are still on the road playing the good 'ol rock and roll. I will love this old stuff 'till the day I die !! John Karpuchin, Nanaimo Bc.

Expect no Mercy from Nazareth | Reviewer: Chris A. Jiménez | 3/23/13

An incredible album. An amazing band; one of the best. I've been listenin' "hard rock" and "heavy metal" bands since I was fifteen years; a lot of names: Priest, AC/DC, Maiden, RAINBOW, Sabbath...but, when I discovered the album "Expect no Mercy" from these "hard rock" titans I was impressed, from beginning to end.
My God! A great album. Since then, I love Nazareth.
I know all these monsters albums, songs, compilations, videos, live performances, etc.
I love McCafferty's scratchy 'n' loud voice, Charlton guitars melodies, Agnew's rhythms and Sweet's drum beats.
Something special. You can fun, shed tears, be nostalgic, be glad...you can feel a lot sensations with them.
My favorite albums (from '70's) are "RAZ-AMA-NAZ", "HAIR OF THE DOG", "PLAY'N' THE GAME" and "EXPECT NO MERCY".
From the '80's and later, well, it's difficult, but I would appoint "2XS", "The Catch", "Snakes 'n' Ladders" and "No Jive".
Well, really great.

Moonlight Eyes | Reviewer: Raul H. Ricamara | 11/28/12

I'am so hypnotized by this song...so attracted to the voice and lyrics of Dan McCafferty...he will remain to be my fav singer/songwriter....I am playing this song the whole day round, only this song.

Incredible voice | Reviewer: Michael Duffy | 11/16/12

Went to see Nazareth in Glasgow a few years ago with friends who had known and liked them from the 70's. Our only worry was how could McCafferty manage to hit the notes in his later years.Anyway after the first couple of songs we were all astounded at how amazing his voice was.The rest of the band were really good as well and so a brilliant night was had by all.

One of the greats | Reviewer: Clayton McGlothin | 10/7/11

I have listened to nazareth since the 70's And they are my favorate band of all times. no matter what song he sings he brings it to life, he has the kind of voice you never get tired of hearing. Dan McCafferty's music will never die Rock On...

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