Damnation Albums

  • Resist Album (3/1/2000)
    Your Pain Is Not For Me
    In Resistance
    Voices Of An Unknown Dimension
    Absence In Humanity
    Forsaken By Destiny
    Against My Enemies
    Invisible Force
    Down Of My Feet

  • Coronation Album (3/1/1998)
    Spell Master
    Sworn To The Darkside
    The Land Of Degradation

  • Rebel Souls Album (3/15/1996)
    Prelude To Rebellion
    Who Your God Is
    Son Of Fire
    Rebel Souls
    Azarath (Watching In Darkness)
    From The Abyssland
    Might Returns

  • Reborn... Album (3/1/1995)
    Pagan Prayer
    The Land Of Degradation
    Leaving Into The New Reality
    Time Of Prophets
    The Ruling Truth
    Forbidden Spaces
    Behind The Wall Of Tears

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