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In 1989, the combination of Night Ranger's Jack Blades, Styx's Tommy Shaw, the motor city madman Ted Nugent, and a young power drummer Micheal Cartellone formed the rock band Damn Yankees. These rock idols went double-platnuim on their debut self-titled album. Then in 1992 they went platnuim with their "Don't Tread On Me" album, which the title song received extensive coverage at the Barcelona Olympic Games. These talented rockers wasted no time after the release of their debut album and launched a mega world tour that "yanked" the world by storm with their wide range of talent. Crowds went wild for hits like the fast blood-rushin' "Comin' Of Age", their self-titled "Damn Yankees", and the chart-topping rock ballad "High Enough". After their long year and a half tour of the "Damn Yankees" album, they went back in the studio to record the "Don't Tread On Me" album then they went right back out on tour. The release of their second album wasn't as big of a hit as the first album, but came out with such hits as the self-titled "Don"t Tread On Me", "Mister Please", and such ballads as "Where You Goin' Now" and "The Silence Is Broken"

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Damn Rock and Roll History at its Best!!!! | Reviewer: Joseph Farano | 1/16/13

What a Great Band there Amazing!!! The Best in a long time what a true Rock and Roll Band!!!! Ted Nugent is Amazing playing With Tommy Shaw another one of my favorite band member from Styx a Band from my home town Chicago my first concert I've seen played at my high school Styx amazing!!! And then there's Night Rangers Jack Blades he rocks and can't forget the totally one of the worlds best Drummer Micheal Cartellone!!!! What a Band The Rock simply the best I've seen in along time with all my favorite Band members together rocking out together!!!! And one of the Greatest Albums I've ever heard Dont Tread on Me!!! Great songs that just are so Piwerful!!!! Like The Silece is Broken and Where You Goin Now!!! Mister Please!!! I love listening to the Damn Yankees!!!! And Ted Nugent has Always been My favorite Band since I was a Teenager growing up just seeing Ted Play the Guitar and Vocals its always a Amazing Show whether it be Ted Nugent or when playing in The Damn Yankees!!!! I've always been a huge fan of all the members of Damn Yankees Tommy Shaw my first concert Styx they were amazing!!! I remember going into there studio and watching them record it was in a town next to where I lived Oak Lawn il, Pumnkin Recording Studio I remember when I got in to watch Styx record some tracks it was so cool I was a teenager and lucky enough to live a few miles away from there studio where they were making hit records!!!! It was great back in the day!!! And Night Ranger damn awsome band playing songs that got me my first piece of. ??? The women loved the songs and would go crazy I would be driving my 1972 Gto Judge with my girl and as soon as A song from Night Ranger would play these girls were like in a love trance and made me happy that's how Night Ranger got to me they were Great!!! Never forget them!!! And can't forget one of the Greatest Drummers in the world that played with Ted Nugent and he can play the Drums Great my Favorite Drummer that just whaled on them Drums like there was no Tommorow Micheal Cartellone !!! Truely the best drummer I have Seen!!!! You guys are all Great !!!!!! Best Music Ever!!!! Thanks for all the Great Memories!!! Joseph Farano, somewhere in Chicagoland

These guys kick ass | Reviewer: Anthony | 4/29/07

i love these guys. It's incredible how three of my favorite bands came together. Blades and Shaw are going on tour this summer, and their trying to get Ted to join them. If this happens, i see a road trip in my future....

One of the best rock groups | Reviewer: Lisa | 11/13/05

All I have to say is, GREAT!!! This band was incredible, such talent that came together & gave rockers what they have been craving for. One question, "Why only two alums?" I felt they could have done much more. Such a shame.... I miss them.

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