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It's alright
to tell me
what you think
about me
I won't try
to argue
or hold it
against you
I know that
you're leaving
you must have
your reasons
The season
is calling
and your pictures
are falling down

The steps that
I retrace
the sad look
on your face
The timing
and structure
did you hear
he fucked her?
A day late
a buck short
I'm writing
the report
On losing
and failing
when I move
I'm flailing now

And it's happened once again
I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
Sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up

Well I guess this is growing up

And maybe
I'll see you
at a movie
sneak preview
You'll show up
and walk by
on the arm
of that guy
And I'll smile
and you'll wave
we'll pretend
it's okay
The charade
it won't last
when he's gone
I won't come back

And it'll happen once again
You'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
And sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And you've been there for too long
To face this on your own
Well I guess this is growing up

Well, I guess this is growing up [4x]
Well, I guess this is growing up

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... | Reviewer: my name 182 | 3/27/12

I don't actually like anything in this genera, but something about this song. I don't know, I cant get it out of my head. and its not even that I like it, I just cant stop coming back to it. I think the lyrics are genius

Dammit | Reviewer: junk-face-problem | 1/8/12

I got a lot of girlfriend. All of them are the same. They come and go so easy to my life. No matter what. To my girlfriend right now,if you read this please don't leave me. Dammit.

What music is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/12

@ Madison: the whole reason people write music is because they are expressing oneself, so if others can relate to the lyrics then that means that other people understand the song on a stronger level... dont be so quick to diss people relating to music... i can relate to TONS of songs, and all those songs are my favorites for that reason... its all about the love :)

Punk Dammit! | Reviewer: ChelsGC_182 | 10/28/11

Have almost been a fan of this band for almost a year and I know I'm late (Although it's never too late to be a Blink fan). Blink-182 is one of the bands that introduced me to Punk music and they are one of the bands that have heavily influenced me to start one as well. Anyway this song is fvcking amazing. I can't get it outta my head! One of the greatest punk songs of ALL TIME! Mark, Tom and Travis <3 Love ma boys :D Xo

Dammit | Reviewer: Aaron | 6/23/11

This song is a masterpiece. The drums guitar and bass go together so well. I have managed to master the drum, electric guitar, and singing part. I have been playing drums since i was 2, so that part was easy. Guitar was a litle harder for me as i just recentky started playing. Singing was easy too. Blink-182, Keep on rocking. Though try playing a show in like charelstown west virginia. There are a bunch of fans over here!!!

dammit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/11

This song explains my relationship with my on and off ex so well. Were both just growing up and things change whether you want them to or not. And we both keep drifting in and out of each others lives and it hurts so bad to see it happen like that. But it is just all a part of growing up.

Stop talking about the members | Reviewer: Madison | 5/14/11

Realistically, these guys wrote this for their own reasons. It's not like they wrote it FOR you so stop getting so ridiculously worked up. Also, for those who don't like them, stop reading their lyrics. That's weird.
This song is great. I love their ability to make playful but meaningful and insightful lyrics. They're so good at writing from the perspective of a teenager a lot of the times.

A title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/11

It's alright
I always heard the first verse like this:

to tell me
what you think
about me
I won't try
to argue
o hold it
i ditched you

seriously thats what it sounds like but i guess it doesnt really fit with the next few lyrics...

Dammmit lovely, you've done it again | Reviewer: Lyricism international | 4/27/11

Blink 182 is by far one of the most influential bands i've ever enjoyed. I love their ability to borderline vary genres from song to song. Blink 182 has gotten me through so much.

On a happier note, this song is phenomenal. It makes me wanna singggg:)

retards | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/10

good song! thats wt we're supposed to comment on right? some of ya'll dudes act like ur blowin these guys... such n such is queer and so n so is better than whoever U like. rate the fuckin song and get off these dudes dicks...lol ya'll really study bios like DAT??? DAMMIT!

OMG LOL | Reviewer: Michael | 2/16/10

If you look at the words above the box for your comments, you will see it says "Review the song Dammit. The area is only for review... " That is, it is not there for supposed clarifications of other people's comments, insults and abuse.

Now, my review: I like this song. It is catchy and I like the clever lyrics.

Blink-182 (SINCE 1986) | Reviewer: Gabe | 9/28/09

These guys have come so far. Tom got kicked outta his first highschool leading him to the next, which is where Mark was. Marks sister found out about the two wanting to start a band and help conjoined the two. So 1986 is the year of them kickin it off. With there first cd chesire cat, then the next dude ranch which consists of dammit on the cd!!!!!

Just saw these guys live and they were phenomenal

what went wrong
adams song
mothers day
blow job
Shut Up
Wrecked Him
The Party song

Band | Reviewer: Ryan | 9/2/09

I went to the blink concert in Winnipeg and I had the time of my life, literally, I didn't want it to end. Listening to their music is the best thing that happened in my life, and I would like to be up on stage making music for others and having them enjoy it, that would be a dream come true. Guitar for 2 years, Piano for 7.

TWAT | Reviewer: Richard | 8/10/09

omg, Boxcar had fuck all to do wi mark, it was tom that came up with the idea, and he asked Travis to play drums, mark was a guest vocalist on one of their songs (Elevator). then the continued with blink.

Angels and Airwaves and +44 were NOT side projects, after the break up of blink tom went away and formed AVA with David Kennedy, and Mark and Travis went and formed +44. they were fully intent on that being their main band.

Now however. +44 have disbanded and Blink have reformed, but tom says he is still going forward with AVA as his main project.

as for all this talk about Mark and New found Glory....it's pish. Mark played one song for them on tour years ago when they were touring together. that's the only connection to him "being in the band"

Wow... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/09

To everybody that says blink is a crappy band, with no talent at all, you're an ignorant prick most likely basing their opinion on the only few songs they've heard by them... blink-182 probably is a great band, probably one of the most influential of the ninties after Nirvana..

& to all the people saying blink isn't real punk...
Only the blink wannabe's who have no idea about music at all would classify blink as real punk.. THEY'RE POP PUNK!! none of their genre's on albums are just "punk" they're pop punk....blink's music sounds popish, but they embody something copletely different.. they dont care about selling records they just do what they do to have fun! Tom said that "none of it is about the record sales, we just love getting up in the morning and going to work with our best friends and having fun doing what we love, and will continue to make albums even when the don't sell and people wipe their asses with them."

To the people who say blink doesn't have good musicians...
Are you KIDDING me? Is creativity not a huge component of being a musician?? Tom and Mark are probably the most creative and original musicians today.. Experience their live stuff, you'll see.. and most people say they sound bad live, that's because touring for them is to just have fun, not make a paycheck.. you already heard them sound their best in the studio so why should they have less fun trying to sound perfect..it's about fun, friendship, and music.. and aliens if your Tom...


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