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Damien Rice was born on the outskirts of Dublin in the early 70's and grew up in Celbridge Co. Kildare. He spent much of his childhood down by the River Liffey fishing...hours of catching little left plenty of time for thinking...

In March 1999 he moved to Tuscany, then travelled around Europe, busking the streets. He arrived back to Dublin a year later, with a clear head, loaded with idea's, he approached his music with a new found freshness and decided to put some songs down. Borrowing money from those that would lend it, he
recorded his demo and sent it off to renowned producer and film composer, david Arnold (Bjork, James Bond). Arnold liked what he heard and provided enough money for Damien to buy his own mobile studio.

September 2001 Damien released 'The Blowers Daughter', in Ireland, the first single to be taken from the, as yet unfinished, album. The single went top 20 and his ensuing tour was a resounding success.

"O" was released on February 1st 2002 and immediately lauded by the critics as mesmerising, absorbing, adventurous and emotional. A major six-week tour of Ireland followed along with dates in the UK, Germany, France and Spain.

Damien was nominated for Meteor Irish Music Awards and a BBC Hot Press Rock Award. "O" since gone platinum status in Ireland. In the UK, constant gigging, festival appearances at Glastonbury, V2002, Edinburgh Fringe, London Fleadh plus supports with McAlmont and Butler, Counting Crows and Kathryn Williams, have all helped established Damien as a must see live act. "O" appears this year in many critic's end of year polls.

First outing to America was a trip to play "Tonic" as part of CMJ festival and a live radio session for KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. The trip was a resounding success and a longer trip is being planned for next year to coincide with the U.S release of "O".

Damien has recently appeared as guest on "Later With Jools Holland"! alongside Moby, badly Drawn boy and The Sugababes.

Damien wanted to release this album without the backing of a major record company, fearing that if he signed to them before he had proven himself they would begin dictating to him and forcing him in a direction he didn’t want to go. He hoped that with the release of 'o' he would be in a position where the only thing dictating direction would be the songs. And he already is...

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Simply amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/11

This guy has the best music in the planet. I wonder where his inspiration comes from since I'm sure he gets a lot of ass...., so real, deep, simple, perfect.
Too bad Lisa split, she was the sherry on top

Closer to Damien Rice | Reviewer: SarahB. | 6/11/11

I can't think of another song or movie(Closer) that captures what relationships are all about - truth, love, doubt, hurt and disappoint, but more so - love. Damien captured this in the Blowers Daughter - hear, and hear again and take note. Don't kid yourself - love is blind.

True to the trials of life... | Reviewer: Mike | 9/10/07

I haven't had a chance to listen to this entire album but the 3 songs I have listened to have left me wanting me. Damien's lyrics are so true and I feel like he is saying everything I want to about past relationships and life in general. Incredible artists

how good can they get | Reviewer: hankelb | 4/26/07

first album is simply excellent, the second one is amazing, and yes the b-sides are incredibly so good!!!!
it is good sometime to feel that people are alive. (i couldn't care about Buckley!! and next to this i do listen to some hip hop and classical music)
and we are just waiting that he'll release more songs for i do not think there is anything better than him even so we might listen to many other and
it's all depend on our mood... yet he's got it all!
but i should think he may beless without lisa h.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/06

Damien is the most amazing musician to ever grace this Planet. Whoever said he is a wannabe is clearly insane - His style is unique and every song has his own marc. His writing is flawless - his guitar lines are amazing, his lyrics are completely moving and inspirational, and these are topped with his incredible vocals that simply move you to tears in an instant. I am a huge fan - the man is a genius. O is a fantastic album, and I would also recomend his collection of BSides. Some rare tracks and live versions are available on the internet - some of his best material is unreleased.

Less is more if you add a little bit | Reviewer: Adam | 9/27/05

This artist is one of many newer artists to help in defining the new and diverse popular musical direction. We should be seeing more attention coming to artists who trust their own voice and put good music out there. His choices to center his vocal track and bring it forward on The Blowers Daughter and then use the other tracks so subtly is not new but his simple approach to the melody in this format makes it truly beautiful. I am now a big fan of his.

hmm Jeff Buckley wanna be, it will never happen. | Reviewer: Richard | 8/25/05

Would be nice to hear an original artist for a change in stead of wanna be's or just PR stunts, hmm Jeff Buckley sound famliar to you ?

I no doubt Damien Rice has talent in there but he needs to follow his heart, his own path, do something from your soul, dont take someone elses.

Try listening to Anthony and the Johnsons.

My favourite album of 2005 so far... | Reviewer: David | 6/27/05

An excellent album, Damien is superbly accompanied by a great female vocalist. The tracks often have a strong guitar presence and the lyrics leave you drawn in to what could have been the inspiration for each song.

Damien Rice | Reviewer: Jennifer | 1/22/05

A beautifully moving album. Every song is as special next.

he is amazing. | Reviewer: bonnie | 12/2/04

simply fantastic singer. beauty string accompaniment incorporated into his beautiful music.

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