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Damhnait Doyle Biography

Last updated: 01/22/2008 11:00:00 AM

2003 saw damhnait independently release and receive six ECMA nominations for her third cd (dav-net) . . .

damhnait’s onstage charisma translates dramatically on this sophisticated, acoustic, roots/rock recording , with riveting vocals and mature, powerful writing. The full live sound was clearly captured by the record’s producer (and co-writer), Gordie Sampson, who showcased damhnait’s confident delivery and compelling creativity.

and support it with extensive touring including Bluebird North 2003, numerous Tom Cochrane tours and a trip to Kabul with Rick Mercer to perform for the troops.

damhnait’s high energy style and low-fi approach are perfectly blended in her live shows as she takes command of the house with humour, honesty and powerhouse performances. She has developed naturally on-stage and on-camera, through the release of her Juno-nominated “Shadows Wake Me” in 1997 and “Tattooed” in 2000. damhnait’s second recording piqued the curiously of a large, mixed international audience and was the recipient of four awards during the 2001 ECMA – Artist, Single, Song and Video.

She also became a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and teamed up with friends and fellow singer-songwriters Kim Stockwood and Tara MacLean to form Shaye.

In the fall of 2003 Shaye released the bridge. First single “Happy Baby” instantly shot to the top of the A/C charts where it remains in 2004. The video went Top 20 at Much More Music and received an ECMA 2004 Nomination. Next single “On and On” is due out in February, spring and summer tour dates are being booked now.