Dallas Green Albums

  • Dallas Green Album
    Off By Heart
    So Low
    The Urgency
    This Sudden Injury
    In the water, I am beautiful
    The Sleeping Sickness
    Like Knives
    Sam Malone

  • The Death Of Me Album (4/1/2005)
    Caseys Song
    Day Old Hate
    Hello, I'm In Delaware
    Like Knives
    Save Your Scissors
    Sometimes (I Wish)

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    Reviews about Dallas Green albums

    Amazing. | Reviewer: Brandon Pradith
        ------ About the album The Death Of Me performed by Dallas Green

    whats up, im sure that the people that right to you, you really kno them much, but I bet you thank them for how much respect you give them and me. Well knowing how good your beats and rythems are your lyrics to me says a lot. Im also an artis myself your music imspired me a lot so I've tooking a break from hardcore and really put lot of my heart to the music im making. hope you can stop by and hear it on myspace at "myspace.com/morninggrey. I really worked hard hopefully my music will jump to the next level, so If you ever get a chance check it out!!! chow

    ULTIMATE | Reviewer: darl'n kelly raye
        ------ About the album The Death Of Me performed by Dallas Green

    Dallas, i dont know you, never have, and dont think i ever will, but just so your well informed, you work is inspirational, and its nice to just sit an relax and be able to listen to some real music....congrats for how far you've come!!
    full of sweetness
    kelly raye
    p.s. monkeys like to fly with pink blankets

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