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Dallas Green-photo
Dallas Green,

is amazing
he's from Saint Catharines, Ontario

City and colour is his solo side project
Dallas is also a singer in a band Alexisonfire

Dallas has two loves,
music and skateboarding

He has played guitar for practically ever
and he attemped singing
which cleary,
was successful

Dallas is very successful
and his solo band "city and colour"
has released a cd called "sometimes"

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Dallas | Reviewer: Josh | 10/8/13

I heard about Dallas Green when I was 17 years old, I started getting into more of his music as I got older and heard more of his albums release, I was more into post-hard-core when I was younger, then when I heard his music I have now changed to an indie folk player like Dallas, I played mostly acoustic guitar, have learned a lot of his songs as well.

hes amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/13

Dallas greens music is full of emotion and (something that isnt clear in alot of modern songs) meaning. The first song i heard Dallas green sing was The girl. Im from scotland play traditional scottish music and i love his music. In fact im listening to him as i type.

yes... another one of dallas's crazy fans! | Reviewer: moriah | 11/8/09

the first song i heard from dallas was body in a box and from that day on i was HOOKED. he has such an amazing voice and i have always thought Alexisonfire sounded just like him! little did i know it was him i was casually listening to both of them with out even picking it.
well i just wanted to say,
DALLAS GREEN IS AMAZING! most beautifullest( if that is even a word!)purest voice i have ever heard!!

Musical Brilliance | Reviewer: Tyler | 1/25/09

Dallas Green is tied for my favorite artist with Damien Rice. It's not that he's so revolutionary or anything, he's just pure. Music and lyrics....emotion...life is drawn out from his music and touches my soul. Dallas Green is amazing. period.

The Bestest:) | Reviewer: Staysee-Kate | 3/31/08

Insane! by far one of the best albums I have ever bought in my life. I was so pumped to buy the album and when I did it was constant Dallas Green (City And Colour) in my ears 24-7. This will be the album that will remind me of my teen years! Thanks for the memories:)

Simply. | Reviewer: aaash mcflurry | 3/29/08

Amazing. Dallas has touched my life through his songs, I can relate to so many of them.
He has the most amazing talent. His voice gives me shivers.

I was so happy to see him when he came to Aus.

wow. | Reviewer: kaci. | 3/2/08

so dallas recently came to aus. for soundwave festival. i had found out a week earlier that one of my best friends had died tragically. driving home from work listening to the album 'sometimes' when 'Hello, I'm In Delaware' came on. it was the reason i realised i had to slow down and make the most pf what you have and dont take advantage of anything.
i dont want to sound like a screaming fan but.... i stood infront of his set and cried my way through that song.
thank you dallas for sharing your talent with the world.
much love. xx

ok.... | Reviewer: alisha aumann | 12/17/07

dallas green is the best in the world and the best song ever is Cowgirl in the sand and it is friggen awesome i would do him and i have know this guy forever (yet he dose not know i exist) =(

amazing | Reviewer: christina | 10/9/07

the first song i heard was 'hello i'm in deleware' and from that moment on i was obsessed. city and colour has become great driving music, love making music, cheer me up music, and every other casual thig music. i'm currently in one of my classes right now not doing what i should be doing and listening to casey's song. i can not get enough of dallas green's piercing vocals. i wish more people had his voice....well then again maybe i don't because i'd probably fall inlove with almost everyone. -_-.

O mann. | Reviewer: Melissa | 9/6/07

okai so i jus recently came acros this magical most beautiful artist.. shame that is.I am now infatuated beyond..like i cant get enough..thats not a good thing..im at that point where i crave the city and colour music..it drives me farrrrrr offff..Dallas you are idolatic.bles yu.

!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jules | 8/28/07

I first listened to "save your scissors"
and didn't listen to anything after that for awhile but then, I listened to "Casey's song" and it was AMAZING.
So, pretty much, I love him.
Go listen to them!


Yeah | Reviewer: Henrik | 8/8/07

Want to know what i feel? Well, he probably doesnt care, or have the time. Which is very sad!! =( I've sent Dallas 2 letters on myspace. At first it stood; sent. Then after a while, it stood; read, but i havent got any reply. Does this mean that he read my letters withouth answering?? Why!? Dallas music is really amazing though <3

Ethereal.. | Reviewer: kane | 6/27/07

What better way to describe it. I must say the avenue you took this too is quite an in depth process. I love your vocals and the way your voice sways like curtains that locate themselves in a bay window slightly open....


like omg | Reviewer: tom | 4/23/07

......LIKE OMG.....could i love him anymore? He touches my soul, but i wish he would touch much much more. Everytime i hear his words, i get an emidiate NARB. He totally erects my life to its full potential. Marry me Dallas...Marry me

your love slave

I've only started to listen to city and colour and so far so good | Reviewer: cyrixcrew@hotmail.com | 2/27/07

Didn't dallas green grow up in Hamilton Ontario, go to C.B Sterling Middle school and Has a brother name Dody Green ? if someone knows for sure could they e-mail me

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