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One of country's most enduring songwriters, Dallas Frazier was born on October 27, 1939, in Spiro, OK. Raised in Bakersfield, CA, he was skilled on a number of musical instruments by the age of 12; while still in his teens, he became a featured member of Ferlin Husky's band, cutting his first solo single, "Space Command," in 1954. Soon after, he was named a regular on the Hometown Jamboree program, where he was often paired with fellow teen star Molly Bee.

In 1957, Frazier scored a hit with a cover of the Hollywood Argyles' "Alley Oop." When Hometown Jamboree was canceled at the end of the decade, he moved to Nashville to work as a songwriter, composing Husky's 1964 hit "Timber I'm Falling." Two years later, his career caught fire; in addition to releasing his own debut album, Elvira, he penned three huge hits — Jack Greene's "There Goes My Everything," Connie Smith's "Ain't Had No Lovin'," and George Jones' "I'm a People." In 1967, Frazier released Tell It Like It Is, although his biggest success came on the pop charts, via Engelbert Humperdinck's rendition of "There Goes My Everything."

As the decade drew to a close, Frazier's songs remained popular fodder for other artists; in addition to supplying more hits for Jones, Greene, and Smith, his compositions were recorded by the likes of Willie Nelson, Brenda Lee, Charley Pride, and Merle Haggard, who included three Frazier songs on his 1968 LP The Legend of Bonnie & Clyde. His success only increased in the 1970s; in addition to generating a pair of solo records — 1970's Singing My Songs and the following year's My Baby Packed Up My Mind and Left Me — Frazier became one of Nashville's most sought-after writers, composing hits for Elvis Presley, Moe Bandy, Roy Head, Rodney Crowell, and Ronnie Hawkins as well as frequent collaborators like Husky, Pride, and Greene. In 1972, he joined Smith for three cuts on her LP If It Ain't Love (& Other Great Dallas Frazier Songs).

Frazier's songs continued to hit the charts well into the 1980s; his "Elvira" was a tremendous crossover smash for the Oak Ridge Boys, while Emmylou Harris topped the charts with "Beneath Still Waters." Even younger artists like George Strait, Randy Travis, and Patty Loveless found success with his compositions. In 1988, however, Frazier retired from songwriting, leaving Nashville to pursue a career in the ministry.

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my brother | Reviewer: Debra Sparks | 3/29/14

My brother went to school with Dallas, in Bakersfield, when they were 'young uns'..He would tell us stories about picking cotton in that part of California, and how times were bad. My brother's name was Johnny Ray Crowley, and he had a twin named Lee Roy. I just wonder if Dallas remembers them at all.

Little guy at Shafter school | Reviewer: Gerald Weeks | 3/5/14

I met Dallas in 1949 at General Shafter Elementary School just south of Bakersfield. He was 10 years old I was 13. He was just a friendly and nice kid.
I have heard of his success and many of his songs. I'm very glad for him.

I remember youi | Reviewer: Shirley Milner | 1/25/14

in the early sixties in Bakersfield there was a local program called Cousin Herb Henson.It was on Monday thru Friday and had local talent and stars who we're appearing in town. I remember Dallas Frazier on this local program quite frequently. He was a young man,(maybe a teen at the time) and really energetic when singing. I also remember Jean Shepard appearing on the program,Ferlin Husky ,Joe and Rosalie Maphis, and a young Merle Haggard who was not well known at the time.Dallas is a great song writer and I'm glad to see that young boy on the trading post show became so successfully.

Friend | Reviewer: Penny | 3/27/13

I met Dallas and Sharon over 20 years ago! My husband, Randy was friends with Dallas and Sharon for years. I had no idea his mark in the music industry because that was not the focus of the relationship we all had together. Of course over the years I have been amazed by the "bigger than life" people who Sharon and Dallas are and I'm very thankful for the friendship that I got to be a small part of! And if you think Dallas and Sharon are wonderful, you should meet "the girls" and their extended families! They are just as great! Unfortunately we lost Randy this past January but I know that he is watching over us waiting on us to join him for eternity. God bless you Dallas and all the family!

Ballad of Homer Jones | Reviewer: Roger Henry | 1/28/13

Dallas has many songs that are memerable and have always liked: there was one song that came out in the sixties that stuck in my mind because it was different, and that song was the ballad of homer jones.

From the Son he always wanted | Reviewer: Randy Pryor | 7/4/12

Dallas and Sharon saw me on Televison being interviewed by a local news station about a homeless mission I started back in 1982. Dallas came to visit me and we became best friends ever since, He and Sharon and his girls accepted me into their family and Dallas and I went to Bible College together. My relationship with him and Sharon does not really involve his music it involves his personal life and our mutual love for the Lord Jesus Christ. I know he is a great song writer but he is much more than that as a man.
To me that is his work, his trade and his gift from God. I have been blessed to know him as simply a man that loves the Lord and is doing his best to walk daily in the way of Christ.I know his heart and I know he loves the Lord.
He is a good man, A good husband, a good father and a good friend. That will be his real legacy. He is happy that he can share his talent with the world and he loves and appreciates all his fans. The way they have raised their girls and how they and their families shine for Jesus really is a testament and blessing from the Lord for Dallas and Sharon.

Not only are they like my parents,they are my God given life mentors and answers to my prayers.
He and Sharon are my life long best friends. God brought us together and we have enjoyed our relationship for 30 years now. We have laughed so hard at times our sides split, we have also mourned and cried together. We intend to share life as long as God will allow and look forward to seeing Jesus. My heavanly mansion will be real close to his and Sharons so we have eternity to share worshiping Jesus. God bless my friends and continue to bless them, I love you both and the girls very much!

From the Long, Long Ago | Reviewer: Diane Cunningham | 6/22/12

I met when you were singing at "Hometown Jamboree" and I used to go to the radio show in Pasadena. I lived straight down Colorado Blvd. and your mom was such a nice lady she gave me a ride home sometimes. I got to know your sister Judy and we became friends. Our family would pick her up sometimes for a weekend with us. After Judy and I were both married I lost touch with her. Is there any way you could help me reconnect with her. My name then was Diane Rogers and now I am Diane Cunningham. You have allways had a great talent, but most people don't know what a nice family you have also. Thank You.

Dallas Frazier | Reviewer: Jeannie Craigmile | 6/3/12

I saw him the other day on Larry Black's Country Diner so glad to see he is a Christian.
I also watched him on Cliffie Stones show love him and Geno, And Molly Bee.
I can say your music is something I will never forget. You are a great songwriter and singer

The Greater Works of God in John14:12 and Isaiah 61:1,2 | Reviewer: JOseph Daniel Riley | 5/30/12

Dear Dallas, My Name is Joseph Daniel Riley I am 83 years and i wrote some Songs they were true Story of Me coming to a Big Rodeo and an Old Spanish town. As i watched the Country Reunion i sent them to Larry at the Dinner, but did not hear from Him.I had to let the Songs go and SERVE the LIVING GOD. They are CARNAL and the CARNAL MIND cannot please God neither can ONE enter the Kingdom of God, As I look upon the World and see the Lies and violence that is destroying the Lives It saddens My Heart. The Churches so called who lie and tell the people that there is a Rapture, and never shew them the Greater Works is Sad. the Word of God declares that Only a Few will find the Way. Math 24. these men say there is a Rapture.That Word is not in God's word. prov. Chp.30:6 declares add not one WORD to MY WORD or I will find you a liar in the End. They say the Anti-Christ is a Man. it is a Lie He is Satan and is the Beast that Comes out of the Earth in Rev.13. He has the Eyes as of a Man. they say that the 7 Heads in rev.13 are 7 old Empires that is a Lie. they never shew the People who the 8th one is. they are the Taoist,Shinto,Hindoo,Buddha,Muslim,God declared that 5 are fallen the Leader are in Hell, the 6th one is the Jewish then the Protestants, and the Catholic. This Pope will soon have a Stroke and brought to life. they say that Babylon is Rome orIraq. It is a Lie God's Word declares that Babylon the harlot is that Great City,She is TYRE.EZE.chp.27,28, and Rev chp17,18 are Word for Word. these men never shew the people who the 10 Horns are. 9 of them have been seated in the W.T.O. that was set in place in 1993. the 10th one has been in Isolation for 16 years and will be seated very soon so the World dictator can be seated in TYRE. Yes Dallas A Man cannot let His LIGHT SHINE FOR GOD with a CARNAL MIND. The Souls of Mankind are hanging in the Balance and no one cares. In Math 7 is a Warning People are going to Hear God declare to them that I never KNEW YOU. The Book of Rev. is the TESTIMONY of JESUS CHRIST and a True Servant of God will Obey God and WARN the People of the Destruction that will soon come upon Mankind. Yes, Dallas My Heart is Troubled for the Souls of Men.I would of liked to of Heard them sing My Songs on the Grant ole Oprey,but Larry did not even have the Love or respect to answer My letter. I pray that you will examine the Website that God had Me set in place it is godsprophecy.net for it will shew a Man the TRUTH. Time is very Short Satan and His Evil Workers have but 4 more Major thngs to set in place and the world Dictator will be seated in TYRE.These Men like Hagee,Reagan,Sutton,Jeffery,Lindsey,Van-Impe,Munsey,La-Haye Jenkins Haggard,Warren,Hitchcock Baxter, and others for they LIe against the WORD of GOD. God warns us that in the last Days that there would be false teachers. IIPeter 2:1,2 A Servant of the God of Israel. joedr@theriver.com

Bakersfield, Ca. | Reviewer: Virginia Graves | 11/30/11

As a teenager, I watched Cousin Herb's Trading Post Show locally from the El Tejon Hotel. I was wathing the show at the diner one night and there he was. I never knew what happened to him. It was so good to see and hear him. God bless Gini

DallasFrazierMusic.com | Reviewer: Melody Frazier Morris | 10/16/11

Friends and Fans:
Dallas is writing again! I am his eldest daughter.
Go to DallasFrazierMusic.com for info and latest material!
Have a great day!
PS One of my favorites is If My Heart Had Windows....written by Dad for my Mom!

Melody Frazier Morris

cliffy stone's hometown jamboree | Reviewer: chuck sutterfield | 12/27/10

Dallas, I saw you in El Monte at the hometown jamboree. I had just rec'd notice to report back to the army when Korea broke out. While watching the show I saw my wife (16 yr old) walking across the floor with her bro's & sister's. I introduced myself. I had 3 wks to report. we got married... 60 yrs ago. She's still cute. Loved all you guys, Ernie, Gene O'quinn... chuck sutterfield, Tulsa, Ok

country's family reunion | Reviewer: Barbara Eddins | 10/31/10

I could not believe that the Country's Family reunion could not get any better. Just got the uncut DVD. Larry Black out did his self this time. I could not believe when there was Dallas Frazier. His singing was great. I had not heard anything about him in years. I am so happy he is now seving the Lord. Dallas you are still great.

A minor adjustment of the facts... | Reviewer: Kevin Wicker | 7/29/10

Gary Paxton, a good friend of mine, told me the official story of "Alley Oop".

Gary was the man who produced and sang on the record. He got the name 'Hollywood Argyles' from a street sign. The studio where they produced the record was on the corner of Hollywood and Argyle street in L.A.

The date was 1959. Dallas was playing and singing in front of a service station there in Hollywood. Gary was driving a convertible with the top down, and heard Dallas singing 'Alley Oop' as he waited at the stop light.
Impressed, Gary pulled into the station and signed the song on the spot. The day of the session, Gary was drunk. It took two people to hold him up to the microphone -- one of which was Dallas himself. If you listen to the record, you can tell he was trashed.

It sounds like a tall story, but I've heard Gary tell it many times -- strait.

Just a friend who knows what nice people they are | Reviewer: Charles Trotter | 1/23/10

I have had the opportunity to work with Dallas and his wife Sharon. I have been privileged to pastor some of their relatives and also to do a little mininstering with them. I esteem them very highly.

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