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The Silent Comedy Daisy Lyrics

Last updated: 08/30/2013 09:03:18 AM

Daisy’s got a little drop of blood - she’s kept me half awake so long
And when my eyes, they start to fog - she dunks me back into a jar

Lyin’ in a hole ‘till dawn - climbin’ up and down her walls
And when she gives my arms a tug - I feel my light start fadin’


Shake, shake Daisy (add some salt) – add some salt and shake me up
Break me Daisy – why don’t you pop the cork and drown us all

Wait Daisy (that’s my fault) – pushed your back against the wall
Hate me Daisy – don’t let the bright lights come and take you home

Got a suture in my jaw - Texas clay and catalogues
She’s got a heart made cut of cloth - Bustin’ bottles on the lawn

Bracelets made of camel bone - hung a lantern in the hall
Never leaves the room for long - Don’t like to keep me waitin’