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Daisy Chainsaw Biography

Last updated: 12/07/2002 03:04:04 AM

Daisy Chainsaw formed after Katie Jane answered an ad placed by Crispin in the music press. they gave amazing live gigs, filled with vines and ragdolls strewn across the stage and Katie Jane thrashing around in soiled gowns drinking pinapple juice from a baby bottle. their music, a bubbly punk-ish sound, was a big hit amongst the scene. they were very successful with their LoveSick Pleasure single, making them even more well known. they turned down top of the pops and even an offer to be signed to Madonna's Maverick label. one full album was released while Katie Jane was still in the band, Eleventeen. Katie Jane had only planned to stay for one album and then go into theatre. she didn't feel she was able to express herself well since she was not permitted to write lyrics for the band and couldn't "bleed through words" as she wished to. she felt the pressure of the music industry was going to kill her. she shaved her head and drilled babydoll heads and her stage act was becoming more&more violent. she finally left the band for good. after Katie Jane left, Daisy Chainsaw proceeded to make one more full album titled "For They Know Not What They Do" with Belinda Leith on vocals, and made one more single titled "You're Gruesome" before splitting up for good.