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Dag Nasty Biography

Last updated: 08/21/2002 02:14:50 AM

The album, "Can I Say?", was Dag Nasty's first record and was released in 1986. The band at that time was:

Brian Baker - guitar (formerly in Minor Threat, Doggy Style now in Bad Religion)
Dave Smalley - vocals (formerly in D.Y.S).
Shawn Brown sang previous to this but is not on any records.
Colin Sears - drums (formerly of Bloody Mannequin Orchestra now in the Marshes)
Roger Marbury- bass (formerly of Bloody Mannequin Orchestra)

"Wig Out At Denko's" was released in 1987, by which time the band's personnel had changed:

Brian Baker - guitar
Doug Carrion - bass (formerly of The Descendants)
Peter Cortner - vocals
Colin Sears - drums

The band later went on to record for Giant Records.