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Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo (b. 8 February 1974) met Thomas
Bangalter (b. 3 January 1975) when they both attended
school in Paris, France, in 1987. In 1992, heavily
influenced by the Beach Boys, they recorded a song under
the name Darling, which in turn found its way onto a
compilation single issued on Stereolab's Duophonic label. A
review in the UK's Melody Maker described their effort as
"a bunch of daft punk", which depressed the pair but
unwittingly gave them a name for their next project.

Increasingly influenced by the house More...

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Review about Daft Punk songs
Love the Album | Reviewer: Wyomingite
    ------ About the song Face to Face performed by Daft Punk

Pretty sure guy is saying "you are" and then says "Mr. Furgone."
After this the lady says "good evening" (evening is cut short to "eveni..."). Then "you are" and the lady replies "Daisy."

still searching for the muted background lyrics | Reviewer: Damon
    ------ About the song Face to Face performed by Daft Punk

I agree with Tom; I can buy the "you are" and "with me" but the stuff in between sounds different.

To me it sounds more like

You're on
Mr. Fergone
Mr. Ferg
Dance with me

But that makes just as much sense as any of the other suggestions.

who is kanye west? | Reviewer: andrew
    ------ About the song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger performed by Daft Punk

well i was searching for the original lyrics (really hard xD) and i've found these ugly comments about daft punk...why? did you pass those years and felt the sensations that those guys transmitted to people? so you can say fu''imself but do not know really what are you talking about...anyway who cares about you, i'm going on harder better faster and stronger than guys like you

Dance for Free? | Reviewer: NottaRainMaker
    ------ About the song One More Time performed by Daft Punk

Clearly this artist is not a big tipper at strip clubs... so we have a lot in common.... in fact, I'm going to request the DJ play this song the next time I'm getting a lapdance.

Daft Punk @ its best!!! | Reviewer: De Ntha
    ------ About the song Get Lucky performed by Daft Punk

Daft Punk is judt SPECTACULAR!!! Since "one more time" every song is a hit! And Pharell oh Pharell mmmmmmm... He can be up all night to get lucky with me. *wink* I love this song!!!!

Daft, Just Daft.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Get Lucky performed by Daft Punk

Daft....Punk? W T F happened? I have been trying to avoid this as much as possible as it reminds me of all the 80's pop crap I loathed. Been hard to avoid since it is all over all local radio at work. Only tonight did I thought I heard Daft mentioned as the offenders. The respect I had for them shriveled quicker than a dick in a freezer. The guys that gave us Technologic, Da Funk, Harder Better Faster Stronger.....W T F is this?! Better to have stayed away than to subject us to this aural pop vomit. Every time I here it I tend to rant on how much it disgusts me and have a desire to stab a sharp object into my ear canal. Fuck, if ya gotta stay up all night to get lucky, you're doin it well wrong!

Daft Punk Always Ruled | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Get Lucky performed by Daft Punk

I don't know if you know, 'Benja-minda' but Daft Punk have been around for 20 odd years and their music is far from 'recycled dog shit'. This is the first song that Daft Punk have released in ages and that's why it's all over the radio. It's a miracle. So next time, before you fuck this song, fuck daft punk and fuck the industrial music machine, go and get your facts straight. (Oh, and to calm yourself down you may need to go listen to some more Katy Perry, you moron.)

To Benjamin | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Get Lucky performed by Daft Punk

Ok, so obviously, you hate all of the songs that have been repeated on the radio until the song is shit, which I agree with for the most part. I personally like this song, but not to the extent of listening to it every 5 hours. Still, just because I like this song, does not mean I am one of those fucktards who listen to all of the trash songs on the radio, and loves them to no end. Rather, I am open minded to music, and if I don't get bored with the song, and if it doesn't sound like shit, I will listen to it.

You're kidding. | Reviewer: Minecraft
    ------ About the song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger performed by Daft Punk

Really people? Who cares who is original and who isn't. The fact is, it's music. LISTEN TO IT! And don't get caught up in the details. Ok yes, maybe you prefer the "origanal" version, or whatever, but it's not worth fighting about it! listen to the music, and keep your fucking arguments to yourself.

disco nightmare | Reviewer: benjamin
    ------ About the song Get Lucky performed by Daft Punk

The songs I like I listen to maximum 1 time each week. As for this recycled dogshit from the 70s that has been forced down everyones throat for the last 3 months and I hear it twice a day minimum and thats in doing my best to avoid it.
Proof that people prefer familiar music to good music,this song is beloved by those who are willing to consume anything that the radio tells them is good. If they played a midieval bulgarian folk song with the frequency that this turd is repeated, all of the same morons who love this song would be loving that too.
Fuck this song, fuck daft punk, fuck the industrial music machine, and fuck all of the morons who didn't notice this is the trash their parents rejected at the end of the abba-era that has been repackaged and strewn all over our collective audio waves, fuck you all for not lynching these hacks.

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