Da Brat Albums

  • Life After Death Album (6/8/2011)
    Intro - Life After Death
    It's Brat (Tupac Back Remix)
    West Side
    Get It Get It
    Racks (Remix)
    Sure Thing (Remix)
    Second Chance
    Fab 5 Freddy
    Dumb Stupid Crazy
    Motivation (Remix)
    Look At Me Now (Remix)

  • Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz Album (6/24/2003)
    World Premiere
    In Luv Wit Chu
    Ain't Got Time To Waste
    Gotta Thing For You
    Who I Am
    Get Somebody
    I Was The One
    Gushy Wushy

  • Unrestricted Album (4/11/2000)
    We Ready
    What 'Chu Like
    At The Club (Interlude)
    Fuck You
    Back Up
    Hands In The Air
    Runnin Outta Time
    That's What I'm Looking For
    Breeve On 'Em
    What's On Ya Mind?
    Leave Me Alone (Interlude)
    High Come Down
    All My Bitches
    Pink Lemonade
    Chi Town

  • Anutha Tantrum (Explicit) Album (10/29/1996)
    My Beliefs
    Sittin' On Top Of The World
    Let's All Get High
    Just A Little Bit More
    Keepin' It Live
    Ghetto Love
    Lyrical Molestation
    Live It Up
    Make It Happen

  • Funkdafied (Explicit) Album (4/1/1994)

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