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Green Day DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Lyrics

Last updated: 05/24/2013 11:49:41 PM

[Lyrics by Tre Cool]

Let's get drunk and go out driving
Let's see just how quickly we can go
Let's get ploughed and plough down some old lady
Let's just drink and bump the stereo

Let's go down and vomit out of the window
Let's keep score of how many we kill
Two tequila slammers on the dashboard
There's an alcoholic at the wheel

Careful when I'm taking this next corner
Don't want anybody wasting beer
Pass another lime and Corona
Too drunk to use my clutch when shifting gear

Let's get drunk and go out driving
Let's do prodies in the cul de sac
Let's get drunk and go out driving
We're going and we're never coming back
We're going and we're never coming back
We're going and we're never coming back

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Tre' Cool! | Reviewer: Lauren Armstrong | 5/23/13

This song sounds beautiful, I love Tre''s voice in this song, I never knew his voice had so much potential. He looks so pretty, I never imagined his voice would sound so beautiful for somebody so hot, since most nice-looking people cant sing a single note. This song is spectacular!

Love this song xDDD | Reviewer: Brooke | 7/21/10

I really do love this song.... It's hilarious... xD
Tre's just amazing like that... I bet if anyone else tried to do this song, it would turn into an epic fail. It's just a great original and always cheers me up when i listen to it. =D

BADASS | Reviewer: Cameron | 12/17/07

This song is the best of Tre. Among others its filled with "Great Advice". like youve heard it was supposed to be on Shenanigans but was cut at last minuete but then Green Day were going to put it on the japanese version but this was also cut. So where Can you find it well the only version availibal is a low quality version that was on

Awesome, as always. | Reviewer: Tatyana | 6/4/07

Tre sings really nicely in this one, and the accordion is played wonderfully too. (Seriously, I had no idea Tre Cool was that good at playing that instrument... It's really... Wow.) And the song's catchy~ XP