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Oh you know I did it
It's over and I feel fine
Nothing you could say is gonna change my mind
Waited and I waited the longest night
Nothing like the taste to sweet decline

I went down, I fell, I fell so fast
Dropping like the grains in an hourglass
Never say forever cause nothing last
Dancing with the bones of my buried past

Never mind there's nothing I can do
Bet your life there's something killing you

It's a shame we have to die my dear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time

What a way to go, they have no fear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time

I'm finished, I'm getting you off my chest
Made you come clean in a dirty dress
A promise is a promise you kept in check
Hard to cross a heart that beats it's best

Take a good hard look for the very last time
The very last one in a very long line
Only took a second to say goodbye
Been a pleasure but the pleasure's been mine, all mine

Ain't no way, DOA
Ain't no way, DOA

It's a shame we have to disappear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time
This time
This time

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Intrusive Thoughts | Reviewer: Sache | 5/14/13

as always, Foo Fighters songs are very powerful.
I think this song is talking about what to be afraid of to die? if you live, you'll definitely die. it's not about acceptance either, it's about take a glance for the last time of your life then JUMP happily to your death.
because life is boring and maybe you'll get more adventure in death.

the truth is, I keep thinking about those intrusive thoughts everytime I hear this song, like thoughts to kill myself.
but I can't stop listening to this song. I might gonna die.

DOA it is what it is. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/09

Artists express themselves honestly through the medium they use, in this case tune and lyric.

Don't try to interpret it, receive it as it is, then the real reason you love the song will make itself known. The reason you love it, is the reason it was written.

Let it be DOA

Rock on | Reviewer: Fingers | 6/9/09

Music is what you take from it, I reckon this song is about taking life head on and doing what you want to do and being who you want to be, because in the end we all die - no one get out alive - we're all resigned to the same fate ultimately; death. So why worry, just get out there and do what you want. DOA - dead on arrival - which is what we all are anyway essentially - when we're born, we're a step closer to dying.

Seriously, be careful. | Reviewer: sandra's imaginay lover | 8/2/08

I assume it's about exiting this matrix... like it would take for you to die, no resurrection like jesus... but hey i could be a total schizo so pleaze don't try to kill yourself, bc as far as I know there's nothing else other than the life we know. it's just a wild guess or a wish of mine that this life was just uh a ver very very very bad dream.

DOA = Dead On Arrival? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/07

I know a lot of people think it stands for "Dead or Alive", but I personally think it's "Dead on Arrival". Anyways, I've been hooked to this song since the first time I heard it.

Dead On Arrival... | Reviewer: Naomi L. Moon | 11/3/07

Reminds me of a huge fight I got myself and couldn't get out of. Seriously thought I was going to die.

AWESOME | Reviewer: bballa | 9/7/07

This song is awesome ive watched it so many times on Youtube if u havent seen the Video yet SEE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah | Reviewer: ally boy | 9/1/07

as everyones is saying about this song,likewise,this is very a meaningful and a truthful too,i like very much foo fighters songs..

Dead on Arrival? | Reviewer: Lucas | 8/8/07

Dead On Arrival...don't reckon it means that to be honest. To me, sounds like he's singing about a serious relationship (I think he went through a divorce?) that was doomed from the start, or 'Dead On Arrival' (D.O.A).

doa | Reviewer: kathi | 6/24/07

I'm sure doa means department of agriculture! xD
doesn't that sound logical?
this song is great and the whole album, too!
I'm really freakin out when I'm hearin it!

doa | Reviewer: Em Cobain | 6/12/07

yeah man its dead on arrival, not dead or alive. its something you would probably hear if you chilled out in a hospital long enough. most unfortunate.

70519 woke up with Doa in my head ... | Reviewer: Pip | 5/19/07

this song has an unforgettable beat, the lyrics are broad enough
to mean many things, death, breakup, basically all things end.
one more reason to live like you want to!

Amazing! | Reviewer: nobody | 2/17/07

I love Foo Fighters and i absolutely loved this song when i first heard it on mtv!! The lyrics are amazing and very meaningful!

Actual meaning | Reviewer: Pavierre | 2/1/07

The title of this song is doa and i do not think it means dead or alive, i think it means dead upon arrival. But i also saw this song on mtv and it was freakin sweet!! u have to see the video if you have not yet.

Re: | Reviewer: Eki | 12/12/05

As D.O.A. means Dead or Alive (in my theory), it's "how everyone dies".

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