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DNH Biography

Last updated: 10/16/2001 12:55:43 AM

Some groups are solely known for their charm and others for their edge, but it's not often that you can find one that can touch on both by striking chords in gospel-influenced R&B with an ironic twist of seduction and longing. Serving up an equal order of mid-tempo rhythm with heart-ridden ballads, DnH (aka Drop n Harmony) drives a consistent message of honest and open communication without the sugar-coated shell of metaphors and analogies.

Relying on clear-cut messages with complex harmonic delivery, DnH's songs are reminiscent of a time when people said what they meant and meant what they said. With titles like the confrontational "He Don't Know Sh*t About Love" (about domestic abuse) and the brash "Backstabber," as well as romantic ballads "Because I Love You" and "Anything," DnH showcases the many facets of emotion and versatile talent that charge their self-titled debut album.

"Our music is reality-based and there are no holds barred," says singer Darrell Seegmiller. Continued fellow member Jose Penala, "[Some of the] songs on the album are very issue-laden and are sung in a context where candy-coating the lyrics would damage the point we're trying to get across."

DnH formed as the brainchild of friends Penala and Seegmiller in 1996. What began as a hobby grew into a quest to become the best singing group in the San Francisco Bay Area .and beyond. The group quickly took shape with the addition of Jerome Garcia in 1997 and finally formed when Lionel Domulot joined in July 1999.

But the coming together of this group was not without personal sacrifice. To pursue their dreams, families were left behind and financial responsibilities were put on hold.

Despite the usual growing pains groups face as they find their niche, DnH quickly established and maintained a formula to measure the personal success of their songs.

"Whether our songs tease or accuse, proclaim friendship or love, there are three things we strive for in all of our songs: power, finesse and complexity," said Lionel Domulot. "If you listen closely a lot of stuff is going on."

Apparently, someone was listening. In 1998, Classified Records President Kormann Roque heard the four young men sing, and DnH recorded their first song, “Never No Never” for the Classified Records ballad compilation, Serenade, a mere couple weeks after signing to the label.

“This is the outcome of everything we’ve done for the past four years— it shows for all that we’ve sacrificed,” said Penala.

“We are proud of who we are and what we, and our music, stand for,” said Jerome Garcia. “Our goal is to show the world that soul has no color.”