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DJ SAMMY, 2009
He’s one of Spain’s most popular DJ/Producer, and he goes
by the name of DJ Sammy, a veteran of electronic dance,
with a degree in music technology and 20 years of hard work
to prove it.

Sammy has spent years fine-tuning his music winning
formula, in the only way he knows how, by jet-setting
around the globe and feeling the vibe at some of the most
prestigious venues in the world, dispensing musical
epiphanies wherever he plays. A native of Mallorca, Spain,
he always knows how to harness the sun, beach and the sea
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Review about DJ Sammy songs
Miss you | Reviewer: sav
    ------ About the song Heaven 9-11 Remix performed by DJ Sammy

That song was so beautiful i love it so much i can no belive she had that much corouge in her to do that and it is the saddest thing to see a girl her age that doesn't know were her daddy is :(

And for all the other people out there that lost members of the family in 9/11 i am sorry to hear that i can not say o know how it feels cause i did not lose anyone

XOXO | Reviewer: RIP
    ------ About the song Heaven 9-11 Remix performed by DJ Sammy

RIP to all the beautiful people that died. Grandmothers, grandfathers, Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons, Auntie's, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins and Friends. This is the worst thing that could ever happen in this world. Why do people feel the need to kill innocent people. For what? to show that you have no heart, Well you haven't proved nothing, you've just taken the most amazing people away from there loved ones. This song has the most beautifulness message ever. Even though it was years ago that this horrific thing happened. EVERYONE should always think and be very thank-full for what we have and who we have in our lives. This song is the most amazing song ever and I'm the happiest person so have be able to sing this song in concerts and I will also cherish that moment because it's shown me that I can put emotion and that not everyone lives. Be thank-full for the life you're living.

sorrow | Reviewer: Leyla
    ------ About the song Heaven 9-11 Remix performed by DJ Sammy

I cry each time I hear this song it makes me think of my baby who never got the chance to live and my fianc who died two years later. The night I heard of Christien's car crash it hadn't sunk in yet he wasn't coming home then I heard this song and broke down. This is a beautiful sad song that can remind us of those we lost.

:( | Reviewer: redneck woman
    ------ About the song Heaven 9-11 Remix performed by DJ Sammy

its been 14 years john hope you know we miss you :( we dont come back to the house anymore because it scares me and your turning 14 this year and im turning 15 i was 1 when you died we have you put between grandma and grandpa where you belong i love you and ill keep writing to you <3

this song is mine and my dads song | Reviewer: courtney johnson
    ------ About the song Heaven [Candlelight Mix] performed by DJ Sammy

my dad died 3 years ago and this song was played at his funral me and my dad were so close i used to do the exact same thing i sleped with my light on just in case he came home i kno that sounds realy silly but i ant coz my dad was my best friend we used to do everything together no we cant :/ wayne johnson your the bestet daddy in the world R.I.P nd it dose hurt when i listemn to this song it remines me of him :/ DADDY YOUR NEVER FORGOTTEN I MISS YOU LOADS AND LOVE YOU LOADS

Wow | Reviewer: Katrina
    ------ About the song Heaven 9-11 Remix performed by DJ Sammy

Even just reading this song makes me sad for all the little boys and girls who lost their role models mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles. WOw. It made me cry when I heard the song a couple years ago but re-reading it now that I have a son it's hitting me much harder. RIP All the victims of 9-11 and god bless all the families affected.

Such a sad song... i love it. | Reviewer: Aimee
    ------ About the song Heaven 9-11 Remix performed by DJ Sammy

I lost my dad when i was a senior in high school back in 2008. my friend found this song and made me listen to it, i was bawling my eyes out for days. this is such a cute but sad song. every time i hear it i tear up, and usually when im having a down day or thinking about my dad i find this song and listen to it, because i feel that much closer to my dad. i was such a big daddy's girl, spoiled rotten, and now he is gone. really sucks thinking about one day when i get married, he physically wont be there to walk me down the isle, and that breaks my heart.

So sad :( | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Heaven 9-11 Remix performed by DJ Sammy

When I first heard this song and watched this video it made me cry. Oh how I wish that day never hapenned. Only I'd the world could get along. Well this song and the little girl made me realize how I would feel if my dad was in the 9/11. I'm sure glad he wasn't, but I do feel VERY SORRY for te little ones and men and women who lost their loved ones. My heart goes out to you!!!

;( omg | Reviewer: alejandra
    ------ About the song Heaven 9-11 Remix performed by DJ Sammy

Omg that song made me cry ... I SWEAR Rest in peace everyone who died in 9/11 , they didnt deserve to die like that . What did they ever do wrong ;( iM SOOO SORRY for there familys when they herd the news , im like so sad if i had one wish id wish that never happend :( gosh makes me super mad and sad . STUPID FREAKING TERRIOST

I Liek to Eat Pussy | Reviewer: big dick
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by DJ Sammy

I Love This Song I Fucked A Girl Why Listenin To This Song And I Ate Her Pussy And She Gave Me Head To. Ohh My I Stuck A Pen Up Her Pussy While Listenin To It Aswell I've Stuck Loads Of Things Up Ther Like Her Ipod, 5 Of Her Fingers :o, A Pencil, My Big Huge Dick And My Fist ooo She Loved That And I Eat Pussy For Free Girls So If Your Single And A Girl Call Me 07964244586 Get Calling ;)

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