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When rap music first emerged in the mid 1970s, it connected
with listeners immediately by addressing all aspects of
urban life with its unique freedom of self-expression. As
the music evolved into a global cultural force, at least
one rap icon remains true to the music's heritage. That man
is DJ Quik. With four gold and platinum albums and
production work with 2Pac, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre to
his credit, DJ Quik stands as one of hip-hop's most
consistent artists and musicians. To his credit he has over
100 million soundscanned recordings! On his forthcoming
seventh album, and More...

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Submit DJ Quik New Lyrics

Review about DJ Quik songs
Greta Sims | Reviewer: G In Dallas Tx
    ------ About the song Ghetto Rendezvous performed by DJ Quik

My favorite rapper! Been listening to Quik since early 90's. This man is highly intelligent. This track is slammin'. The beats are laid down by a true music genious. I know as I am a classical musician myself.

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