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Barbra Streisand DEEP IN THE NIGHT Lyrics

Last updated: 09/23/2010 11:00:00 AM

Deep in the night, I remember
There I am reaching for you
Wanting to turn to you
That's all I want oh, oh so much
Deep in the night I need you
To touch me
Deep in the night, I wait for daylight
Daytimes I always get through
But when the sun goes down
That's when I feel
I feel oh so alone
Deep in the night I need you
To hold me

Read a book and I think about you
Put it down and I think about you
I make some coffee and I think about you
Wash up the cup and I think about you
Wind the clock I think about you
Turn on the light and I think about you
Then I punch the pillow and think about you

Deep in the night I get lonely
Why didn't I try someone new?
It didn't work out I know
Don't I know, Don't I know
Because I tried, I tried
Deep in the night
I need you beside me
Deep, deep in the night.

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Linda Hopkins--not Barbara Streisand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/10

This song was originally recorded by Linda Hopkins when she was in the broadway play, Inner City (based on the book, Inner City: A Street Cantana). Linda starts the song with a conversation she's having with her girlfriends about some of the men in her life, then she starts singing about the man she thinks of deep in the night. Linda knocks this song out the ball park--her version is nothing short of being beautiful. It took me over 20 years to find the Broadway soundtrack but it was worth the search. I wouldn't even listen to Streisand's version, it's like hearing Eric Clapton playing BB King's songs. Eric is good, but he ain't BB. Same with Babs ... she's good, but her version is not even in the same league as Linda Hopkins' rendition.

A telepone call | Reviewer: Chris Houston | 7/20/06

It is just my opinion, but Babs phoned in her performance on this recording. She dug into her grab bag, and she pulled out some amazing technical tricks, but nothing here is new or original. Two other recordings far outshine this rendition: Linda Hopkins (who sang it originally on Broadway) and "Sassy" Miss Sarah Vaughan. Streisand went for the Nelsen Ridden sound, while Vaughan had a jazzy approach. The best of the three (abd I cannot find it online, if you can, please tell me) is the Hopkin's original from the Broadway original cast album (my comp won't let me use italics, so forgive the quotation marks) "Inner City."