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D4L is a rap group with members Fa-bo, Mook-B, Stoney and
Shawty Lo from Atlanta. They formed in 2003 and emerged in
late 2005 with the hit single "Laffy Taffy", which reached
number one on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 in January 2006.
Their debut album, Down 4 Life, was released on November 8,
2005. They were signed to Mike Jones's Record label, Ice
Age Entertainment earlier in 2005.

They have a beef with another rap group from Atlanta, Dem
Franchize Boyz. D4L claims that Dem Franchize Boyz stole
their dance (called the "Doin' It More...

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Reviews about D4L songs

Dis song is my shit!! | Reviewer: Laprea
    ------ About the song Scotty performed by D4L

I luv dis song. Whoever wrote it iz da shit and the people rappin it r super bad! Whoever ceo iz, is a s8 up hater! He dont like dis shit cuz he mad dat he cant rap. fyi, I just happen to have a 4.65 GPA and i luv dis fuckin song. I would buy about 50 billion albums wit dis song on it.

Songs | Reviewer: Sara
    ------ About the song Make It Rain performed by D4L

Wow i'm a parent and I heard my daughter singing this song so I wanted to check the song out and I looked at the lyrics and Wow she is not allowed to listen to the song anymore but she already had the song memerized so their is no big difference. Yet I block her internet to any websites like myspace.com or youtube.com and facebook.com

D4L | Reviewer: Briley
    ------ About the song Tatted Up performed by D4L

i love this song... my favorite part is when it's talkin about a small tatoo on her waistline cuz i got my name there...

amazing | Reviewer: MissUnknown
    ------ About the song Tatted Up performed by D4L

lmao i love my brother, got a tattoo the other day and he told me about this song, i absolutely love it, and yea i got a butterfly with stars if u care to know, in an interesting place too ;p

This my song | Reviewer: Keisha
    ------ About the song Tatted Up performed by D4L

I luv this junt rite here. This is thight maine for the stupit ass folks who don't like this song
yall crazy as hell!!!!


Loving it. | Reviewer: JTran
    ------ About the song Tatted Up performed by D4L

This song is the shitttttttttt. Make me wanna get a tat. Sounds much better than all the other songs they've made.

tatted up is my song | Reviewer: grit
    ------ About the song Tatted Up performed by D4L

i like the end of tatted up because he hit the hi note and take it to church

lyquithia | Reviewer: lyquithia
    ------ About the song Tatted Up performed by D4L

This song is clean God said he want your soul and not you body so come on and get taaaaaaaaated up (stop it fabo)

this song is horrible | Reviewer: big tone 206
    ------ About the song Tatted Up performed by D4L

For all yall who think this song is good. Let alone you think its ok. hell no ....... this song is weak as hell all the things in the world you could rap about and you come up with tat it up this song is horrible.... these cats where bored out there mind or they were most likely drunk and thought it was tight , I bet yall that they were surprised that people would like it, but yall dumb idiots took it and ran wild with it.

screw ups | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tatted Up performed by D4L

OMG!!! there is soooo many screw ups in these lyrics i aint even gonna point them out learn da song

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