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D-Tent boys is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
In the movie "Holes" (based on the best-selling novel by
Louis Sachar) the boys who have to dig holes are separated
into tents in which they sleep. Since the main character
stays in D-Tent, that is the tent that the main group is
from. The group consists of Caveman(Shia LaBeouf),
Zero(Khleo Thomas), Squid(Jake M. Smith), X-Ray(Brenden
Jefferson), Magnet(Miguel Castro), Armpit(Byron Cotton),
and Zig-Zag(Max Kasch). They sing the Disney famous song
"Dig More...

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In the opinion of a maniac... | Reviewer: Ashi/Ashley H.
    ------ About the song Dig It performed by D-Tent Boys

Hi, this is AshLEY,
In my opinion, this is a fantastic song! I love to listen to it and have been going balistic trying to get it on my mp3 (stupid peice of junk). I think it would be really cool if all the D-Tent boys actually made a band, they would have a following before they even started singing, with all the individual people having individual fans from thier movies (especially Khleo Thomas and Max Kasch) *grins goofily*.

Now... on to my alter ego...

Hi, I'm Ashi, Ashley's alter ego.
I really love the song! But where is my beautiful Miguel Castro? *hugs miguel castro plushie*
Catchy lyrics, its really cool that all y'all D-tent boys wrote them yourselves. You know a really good song? 'Unwell' by matchbox 20, they rule.

Sorry, off topic.

This review remains the property of 'Ugly Duckling destruction co.' any attempt to use my material will result in death by a thousand monkeys. (flying monkeys)


ASHI (means 'evil' in japanese)

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