D.R.I. Albums

  • Full Speed Ahead Album (11/4/1995)
    Problem Addict
    I'm The Liar
    Under The Overpass
    They Don' Care
    Drawn And Quartered
    No End
    The Wages Of Sin
    Syringes In The Sandbox
    Who Am I?
    Girl With A Gun
    Dead Meat
    Down To The Wire
    Level 7
    Underneath The Surface

  • Definition Album (3/15/1992)
    Acid Rain
    Tone Deaf
    Guilt Trip
    Hard Ball

  • Thrashzone Album (3/15/1989)
    Beneath The Wheel
    Enemy Within
    Labeled Uncurable
    You Say I'm Scum
    Gun Control
    Kill The Words
    Drown You Out
    The Trade
    Standing In Line
    Give A Hoot
    Worker Bee

  • 4 of a Kind Album (3/1/1988)
    All For Nothing
    Manifest Destiny
    Gone Too Long
    Do The Dream
    Modern World
    Think For Yourself
    Dead In A Ditch
    Suit And Tie Guy
    Man Unkind

  • Crossover Album (3/15/1987)
  • Dealing With It Album (3/15/1985)
  • Violent Pacification Album (3/15/1984)
  • Dirty Rotten Album (3/15/1983)

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