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OutKast D.F. (Interlude) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/07/2006 11:00:00 AM

[Andre 3000]
Andre 3000
a.k.a. Possum Aloisious Jenkins
a.k.a. Dookie Blossum Gain the 3rd
Funk Crusader, Love Pusher
Dungeon Family 1st Generation
Here to drop the turd

[Big Boi]
Antoine Andre Patton Sr.
Better known as Big Boi
a.k.a. Daddy Fat Sacks
a.k.a. Lucious Leftfoot
a.k.a. Billy Oldshoe
a.k.a. Francius the Savannah Chitlin Pimp
Dungeon Family 1st Generation
Here to put the "D" in D-Boi
And still cooler than a polar bear's toenails

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