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Metallica Cyanide Lyrics

Last updated: 08/30/2013 10:13:22 AM

Sleep, and dream of this -
Death angel's kiss
Brings final bliss

Empty, they say,
"Death, won't you
Let me stay?"
Empty, they say,
"Death, hear me call your name."
(Ooh! Call your name.)

I've already died.
It's just the funeral I've been waiting for.
Living dead inside
Break this empty shell forevermore.

[break/repeat guitar intro]

Wait. Wait patiently.
Your death black wings
Unfolding sleep
Spreading o'er me.

[Repeat Chorus]


Say, is that rain or are they tears
That stained your concrete face for years?
The crying, weeping, shedding strife
Year after year, life after life?

An air of freshly broken ground
A concrete angel lit right down
Upon the grave which swallows fast,
It's peace at last, hey, peace at last!

[solo/repeat intro]

[repeat chorus]

Forever more (and end this war).
Forever more (and end this war).
You're just the funeral I've been waiting for.