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Joss Stone Cutting The Breeze Lyrics

Last updated: 06/20/2012 11:00:00 AM

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I met this man
On the border of Spain
It was a sunny afternoon
I said "Can I talk to you?"
So I pulled my van to the side
He said "I like your smile"
I said "I like yours too"
But there was nothing going on

Just cutting the breeze
Nothing I need
Fighting to be free
With just enough time,
To have a smoke or two

Hey, hmmm yes

He had no idea
Of the songs I sing
He had no clue
Of the weight I'd been wearing
Told stories of the wars he fought
His love affairs and how he got caught
He's gonna build a house in Mexico now
Cause he's finally learnt to let it all go
That's why I'm here

Just cutting the breeze
Yes see I
Nothing we need
Fighting to be free
With just enough time,
To have a smoke or two

Or three or four or whatever fits you
Ooh ooh ooh yeah

Driving along in my van
No thoughts to figure out, no master plan
No stressing and no demand and I like it that way
I had to get away, I had to, I had to

Feel the breeze
I had to feel it
Fighting to be free
Yes I was
There was nothing that we need
Nothing that we need
Except a smoke or two
Or maybe a beer and a few

Cutting the breeze
Nothing that we need, nothing we need
Fighting to be free, yes we were
With just enough time, to have a smoke or two

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