Cut Copy Albums

  • Zonoscope Album (2/4/2011)
    Need You Now
    Take Me Over
    Where I'm Going
    Pharaohs & Pyramids
    Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution
    This Is All We've Got
    Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
    Corner Of The Sky
    Sun God

  • In Ghost Colours Album (3/22/2008)
    Feel The Love
    Out There On The Ice
    Lights And Music
    Unforgettable Season
    Midnight Runner
    So Haunted
    Hearts On Fire
    Far Away
    Strangers In The Wind
    Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

  • Bright Like Neon Love Album (4/5/2004)
    Time Stands Still
    Saturdays (Reprise)
    Going Nowhere
    That Was Just A Dream
    Zap Zap
    The Twilight
    Autobahn Music Box
    Bright Neon Payphone
    A Dream

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