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Cut Copy Biography

Last updated: 06/09/2012 12:00:00 PM

Cut Copy is the musical lovechild of Melbourne-bred DJ and graphic designer Dan Whitford. A project born in the early 21st century, Cut Copy was originally more of a solo project for Dan to exercise his love of sampling and instrumental hip hop, before he took a turn for the dancefloor and released the I Thought Of Numbers EP in 2001. Following it's release and a live mishap that saw his sampler fried, Dan recruited a posse of friends for the recording of his sparkling debut album, Bright Like Neon Love. In 2005 the band, now comprised of Whitford, Tim Hooey, Mitchell Scott and Bennett Foddy, went on an international tour and played world metropoles such as London, New York City and Los Angeles. Two years later, in late 2007, Cut Copy toured their homeland Australia with Daft Punk on the Nevereverland tour. The Sydney show attracted a crowd of almost 50,000.

Their second full-length album, In Ghost Colours, was released in March 2008.