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With its combination of dynamic instrumentation, diverse
and accomplished songwriting and lyrical catharsis, The
Ugly Organ (released March 4, 2003 on Saddle Creek) stands
as one of Cursive’s most commanding performance to date.

Forging a unique territory somewhere between “concept
album”--not a derisive term to Cursive founder Tim Kasher:
“I don’t see why any group of songs wouldn’t form a
cohesive whole as a ‘concept album.’ Why should an album be
any different from, say, a collection of short stories?”--
and tongue in cheek More...

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Review about Cursive songs
Loners and Spiders | Reviewer: Jason
    ------ About the song The Recluse performed by Cursive

A GREAT song. Has stuck with me over the years. The brilliant lyrics have to do with The Brown Recluse, a spider, (or femme fatale) and a fly (a loner) meeting. The loner is stuck in the web and doesn't want to leave. The bed is a web. By getting into this relationship, they know how it will end.

very beautiful song | Reviewer: jerald
    ------ About the song The Recluse performed by Cursive

this ones easy its basically like this guy meets girl and they have a fling. Now he's lying in her bed and feels god I really like this girl then he thinks she probably doesn't really want me "shoo fly don't bother me" and then feels like hes desperate. Then wonders what if I hang around will she want me eventually then use me and spit me out? "I've come to wrap you up tight till it's time to bite down"

drug addiction | Reviewer: Jumpship!!
    ------ About the song Donkeys performed by Cursive

to me, this is a song about meth addiction (id say meth cuz the "red teeth" reference which could be the red phosphorous in the drug tainting the persons teeth over time.. just a guess) anyways. pleasure island. would make perfect sense. like the donkeys in pinnochio. mabe its referring to alcohol. either way. song about choosing addiction over family/responsibilities which is a great subject to tackle and this is executed perfectly. 9/10

Favorite Song | Reviewer: Emily
    ------ About the song Driftwood performed by Cursive

I love this song. It is currently my favorite song, and this band is slowly becoming my favorite band, too! This song is creepy, yet beautiful. This is in my opinion an amazing song that many people can relate to.

oh my | Reviewer: Erin
    ------ About the song Into The Fold performed by Cursive

This song is amazing. I think a lot of young women can relate. Many young girls have been manipulated by older guys.

"To lead each tender little lamb into the fold.
And you, my pet, "The Sweetest Yet"
I'll hold you closest to my heart"

This song makes me want to cry...and vomit. This brings back a lot of awful feelings.

?? | Reviewer: Joey
    ------ About the song The Recluse performed by Cursive

This song isn't about religion, this album isn't about religion. When asked in an interview they stated they wanted to move away from interpersonal songs and talk about social issues that bother them, such as religious hypocrisy and politics.

favorite song | Reviewer: ashleyy
    ------ About the song The Recluse performed by Cursive

this song's absolutely incredible. it describes everything i've been feeling lately, i've been with my boyfriend for a year and lately i don't even know him anymore. i lay in his bed wondering if it's the last time i ever will, because we're just falling apart. at times i find myself willing to do anything to stay with him, to stay in that room, to stay in his life but the longer i stay the more i loose of myself. it's that insecurity of not knowing what will happen, what you want, or even what's good for you. and through it all you're just alone. cursive puts every emotion of mine into the words i can't put together myself. he has humor in his music and at the same time his work is personal, honest, and human.

love this | Reviewer: jkg
    ------ About the song The Recluse performed by Cursive

cursive has pulled me through so much sh*t. seriously. sometimes music is all i need to get me to tomorrow. i can't wait to see tim kasher live this week!

this song isn't about faith or religion for me, not at all.

the good life is kashers other band which is equally good, just a different kinda wonderful.

umm | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Art is Hard performed by Cursive

well i think this song is very powerful in the fact that it doesnt specificaly say what type of art so it means art in general (music, paintings, drawings, poetry) the lyrics express what many bands and artists go through to get noticed

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Martyr performed by Cursive

take a stab at a dead person why dont you lol, o well good thing i not christian else i be offended, the singer got through divorce this is how he expresses himself, very good song, its depressing in the sense... that its the kinda song one would wanna fade away with if you know what i mean

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