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Curren$y,or The Hot Spitta or Spitta the first act signed
to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment label through Cash
Money Records. Hailing from the suburbs of New Orleans, Da
Hot Spitta is a brash young lyricist following in the
footsteps of his brother and former 504 Boyz member, Mr.
Marcelo. Through Marcelo's affiliation with No Limit
Records, Curren$y befriended C-Murder and eventually signed
to his TRU Records imprint,and Master P's the 504 Boyz,
appearing on a limited amount of material with the group
(though he was often More...

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Review about Curren$y songs
jeezys verse! dumbass | Reviewer: Drizz
    ------ About the song Jet Life (Remix) performed by Curren$y

Good niggaz they die young, real niggaz they die rich. lifes a slut, dirty hoe, either way i cant bitch. kicked back wit 3 females, porshe out front gettin detailed. set presidents in that presidential. Big face now thats detail. whole thang thats whole say. kush louder than a door bell. popped up in yo town. with the hoe flow at the hotel. trump towers im sky high. one wish i die high. gold casket when they carry me. dont cry when they bury me. foreign whips got no tops. louis loafers got no socks. cant sleep with out the cameras on. under both pillows got both glocks. condos on top floors, back shots the best sex hoe, g4s on run ways dont miss this jet hoe.

for the nigga who wrote the lyrics incorrectley | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Contacts performed by Curren$y

You're all wrong man its "weed so strong you need a belt to hit it" then the chorus is how them g's ride. Not music tight jeans ride. Wtf man are you stupid or what. You obviously don't know what they talkin about

Shit lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hold On performed by Curren$y

So many wrong parts in the lyrics...
"a YARD for my dogs"
"kill this BEAST"
"i stayed on my job when them niggas got lazy"
"look how i changed them lil hoes to ladyes"
"i was to focused on getting bread, pay me"
"i'm always playing my position, posted like a sinner"
"bank account getting THICKER"
"cases of the LIQUOR"
"hitting the GAME from all angles"
"you can tell from the LINGO"
"clear the runway and the lanes, hoe!"

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