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Curbsquirrels Biography

Last updated: 05/21/2004 10:33:17 PM

The band started under the name "Hand in Hand," from the remnants of a band, also named "Curbsquirrels." Eric played guitar and sang, Mark played drums, and Ryan played bass in Hand in Hand. Soon, Rick joined on guitar. Ryan was too busy to be in the band, so Dave took his place. Then they found out that "Hand in Hand" was already taken, so they changed the name to "Curbsquirrels." They chose the name because they liked it, and figured they might already have some fans because of it. Soon after the name change, Mark quit the band, and on the very same day, Josh left his previous band. They called Josh up and asked him to play for them. Josh liked that idea and he joined Curbsquirrels. After about two years, Curbsquirrels asked Josh to leave so they could have a more committed drummer. Dave knew Tye from a band he used to be in, and Tye tried out. The guys loved Tye and he joined the band. They are currently playing shows and writing songs for their upcoming debut full-length album, due out Summer 2003!

Buck Teeth - Vocals
Xorcan McToodles - Guitar
Imquantalishey Jones Jr. - Bass Guitar
Louis Stevens - Drums