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Cupid Biography

Last updated: 06/09/2012 12:00:00 PM

Bryson Bernard, 10 October 1979, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA. This contemporary R&B singer enjoyed a number of minor hit singles during the early 00s while plying his trade as a session vocalist. Music had provided the impetus for the young Bernard's life, with a potential career in track and field abandoned at an early stage to pursue singing. He gained his loved-up recording moniker from one of his favourite cover versions, 112's late 90s hit 'Cupid'. He made his recording debut in 2001 with a self-released album that included the local hit 'Do Ya Thing'. Both Cupid and the independent 2005 follow-up, The King Of Down South R&B, were popular on the southern R&B market, although the singer's impressive vocal range found him tackling a wide variety of genres, including blues and dance rap. He also worked extensively as a studio session vocalist with blues and rap artists.

After several years spent on the sidelines of mainstream success, it was ironic that Cupid's breakthrough hit was the trite novelty number 'Cupid Shuffle'. The track created a major stir in hip-hop dance clubs at the end of 2006 and led to the singer signing a major label recording contract with Atlantic Records. His third album, Time For A Change, milked the success of 'Cupid Shuffle' for all it was worth, unfortunately downplaying the singer's excellent singing voice in favour of lightweight dance fare.